Emergency Hotline

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112 seems like an ordinary number, but for us, as an OFW in Kuwait we consider it as one of the most important number that should always be remembered. 112 is Kuwait’s emergency line, good thing about it is, they respond quickly to calls or even text. And I know several positive stories concerning 112, an example is a story of a woman being abducted inside a taxi, she was thankfully saved because she texted 112 for help and they responded quickly to the situation.

Being an OFW in Kuwait, I have already witnessed, heard and experienced a lot of things while being here. Thus, being a strong person and being faithful to God really helped me surpassed all the trials I had in life. And, what I know is that, we could never be sure what will happen today, tomorrow or in the future, so what’s left for us is to prepare and expect the unexpected. Emergencies can happen everywhere and anytime. Remembering to call 112 is just one of the many options. Most of us who work overseas are very much exposed and prone to accidents, we need to always equip ourselves with a plan and knowledge ourselves on how to do first aid because we could never always rely everything to someone else. What if we can’t call or text to ask for help, what will we do? In times like this, it is best to be all prepared than having to regret things afterwards.

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” -Psalm 5:1-12

Kabayan, we shouldn’t also forget that aside from 112 we have God who is willing to save us in our times of trouble.

God can do everything. So, when we ask for help he will then immediately send someone or something for us. God doesn’t sleep, he always listens and he will forever be our guide and direction towards everything.



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