Kuwait City – The Filipino Chatters Basketball League together with Wataniya Chatter" />

Filipino Chatters Reunion – Kuwait


Kuwait City – The Filipino Chatters Basketball League together with Wataniya Chatters Group – Kuwait, held on May 31st, a get-together party at the Carlton Tower Hotel, starting at 2 in the afternoon until before midnight.

The party which was a promise of music and dance, started with invoking the presence of the Almighty Lord through the Opening Prayer, followed by giving honor to the Philippine National Anthem.  The speeches from Consul General His Excellency Raul H. Dado and Labor Attache David Des Dicang unified everyone present even more, while Pastor Gil’s inspirational talk renewed the spirituality of the group and its guests.

Special mention goes to the following bands for sharing their time, and talent and for making the event lively and enjoyable; The Blue Chords band, Da Republik Band, Brown Rabbits, D’ Middle String Band, and Amputater Band.

Kabayans have their own talent and skill. We give thanks to the Filipino Chatters Basketball League for showing that it isn’t winning a prize that matters most, but the camaraderie during each friendship game. Just like this reunion, I was able to appreciate the music and dancing because it helped me regain my strength to face another day ahead of me.”





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