4) Sawm

Sawm, My way of fasting

4) Sawm – fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, is the fourth pillar of Islam.

“Starting Ash Wednesday, I remember Nanay would serve no meat on this day and every Friday thereafter, most especially on Good Friday. I liked fish but not vegetables but of course, I had no choice but to eat; otherwise, I will starve.”

“After college when I was already employed, I learned the “expression” TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday) when mostly after payday, my colleagues and I would go out for some clean fun. Thank goodness for garden flavored pizza, anchovy spaghetti, fish and chips among others. No meat diet”.

“Here in Kuwait, I still keep this practice during Lenten Season plus a bit more fasting from Palm Sunday to GoodFriday. I also try to slow down on my activities and do some reflection and meditation. I try to be more understanding of some burdens in my life or people who make my life’s load heavier. I pray for them so they may also find the true way.”




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