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OFW STORY: Am I, a bad mother?

OFW STORY: Am I, a Bad Mother

OFW STORY: Am I, a bad Mother? Based on a true-to-life story. Am I, a bad Mother? Masama ba akong Ina? Masama ba akon Ina kung hindi ko nakasama ang aking anak at nagpalaki,   Masama ba akong Ina kung ako ay nanirahan na dito sa ibang bansa Masama ba akong Ina kung ako ay […]

My Diary

My Diary is a plain journal I bought from the PNA office when I renewed my membership ID, It was very handy and the inner print was not that complicated. Though try as I may to write religiously on it, I am forgetful so there are specks of blanks. I usually put stickers on them […]

50+ Social Norms That You Must Know

50+ Social Norms that you should know to survive in different social situations     “Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions.”   ― Albert Einstein     If you receive a compliment or a present, you […]


  COALITION OF FILIPINO COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION IN KUWAIT They need our help   “PISO MULA SA PUSO”  a project that will help augment the immediate and basic needs of our affected brethren way back home.   Thousands of people are affected and displaced by the earthquake in Mindanao, particularly in Cotabato and Davao region.   […]

How to make a love

How to make a Love Hi, beautiful mind readers😀 To let you know, I am  not in hybernating mode, only overload of priorities. Literally and figuratively speaking, some say “Make love not war”  so I made a blog how to make a love, which some of us really forget and unfortunately denying it. To make […]

Diary ni Gracia’s Year 2016, in summary

Tagaytay City

  The first half of the year, from January to June has been a series of Filipino Community events participation and attendance to different organizations, whose officers and members held team building activities and noteworthy causes like gift giving and feeding programs to distressed OFWs at Philippine Embassy’s Hateen Shelter. In early July, I came […]

RFP Philippines, an Introduction

Registered Financial Planners Philippines (RFP Philippines) is the major professional organization of financial planners in the Philippines. RFP Philippines promotes the advantage of financial planning and elevates the financial planning profession through usefulness and helpfulness.   The financial planning profession advocates to help people reach their financial purpose, aims and aspirations. RFP Philippines financial planners […]

Spiritual Guidance from Pre-Cana Seminar

Two days in Tagaytay City. Cool weather, serene atmosphere, natural scenic beauty, especially good company and inspiring speakers.   The Center for Family Ministries (CeFam) here in the Philippines is under the Society of Jesus and it’s lay partners and promotes family well – being, healing and growth. CeFam is one of the organizations that […]

Good influence never runs out of style

It is but natural for people to look up to somebody in their quest to make things better for themselves. We try to find someone who will serve as a good influence to us, some kind of role model. But did you know that you can be someone’s good influence too?   Being a good […]

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