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Diary ni Gracia Blog Advocacy for January 2014 (blog post)

Post about OFW  or blog advocacy for our fellow Filipinos who are in need of direct assistance, aid, crisis response, or any other kind of support by Diary Ni Gracia.

Date: January 10, 2014

Content: Blog post

Blogger Cla: Hi Gracia, ask lang ako kung pwede? madami pa kasi akong questions about blogging and I have no friends who blog. Gaano ba katagal bago maging searchable sa google ang posts sa blog?

Gracia Amor:  Mga 2 months pa ito and 75 blogs na dapat. Thank you for considereing me as a friend. Would glad to answer questions Ma’am.

Screen capture of conversation with Blogger Cla





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Gracia Amor
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