Wonders of the World Coloring Book Review

History through colors.
History through colors.

Coloring books still fascinate me, considering my age. Most probably, even others more do feel the same way. Playing with colors is not only enjoyable but enhances a person’s creativity and imagination. What more it is for children ages 8 and even adolescents of 14?

Wonders of the World Coloring book by A.G. Smith as published by Dover Publications is one example of a well-recommended medium for graders, pre-teens, teenagers and adults who like to explore colors and hues. Its size is broad enough to make vivid presentation of virtually visiting 27 man-made wonders of the world.

Among these are hanging gardens of ancient Babylon, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Great Wall of China, England’s Stonehenge, sanctuary of Abu Simbel in Egypt, Mayan temples of Tikal in Guatemala,Taj Mahal of India, leaning tower of Pisa, and many more.

Let us not forget the child in us; have a copy of this Wonders of the World coloring book the soonest; enjoy while learning about history too!


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