Decide what work to apply for

Work no matter how simple it is makes a person productive, confident and giving.
Work no matter how simple it is makes a person productive, confident and giving.

The primary decision you need to make when you are job seeking is what work to apply for. Unless you make up your mind on this, you cannot expect to have a fruitful result.

Technically, there are three kinds of job to consider; temporary basis, contractual and permanent employment. Each category has different responsibilities and benefits from the other. Think of what extent of work you would like to have and decide.

What are your strong points as a person and as a professional? It is very important to know what you want to do in the work force and equally important too is to love the work that you want to do. There will be no point in employment if you dislike the responsibility given to you.

How accessible would you like your future work station be? Would you be happy with just local vicinity employment or would you rather be city-bound? Does overseas employment appeal that much to you? There are many factors to consider like the work environment, living quarters, nearby places that may affect positively or negatively to you as a person. Think of all these carefully before applying for the job you want.

Organizations, schools, businesses always fall into two groups; public sector and private sector. If you want to work for the public sector, make sure you have passed the government requirements needed. Private groups may have different requirements from one another too. Would you like to grow with a small, local company or would you like to apply in a multinational entity? Charity / volunteer work or paid work? Answer these questions honestly then you will know what to look for in a job.

Salary matters. Some job applicants are willing to start with the minimum basic salary, hoping that their improving performance at work will earn them more as time goes by. Others would like to earn more than others on their first job! If a job is actually offered to you, chances are, you may have the opportunity to negotiate your salary.

With your honest answers, you will surely find work suited for you!

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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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