Money Tips for 2015

Fine dining, anyone?
Fine dining, anyone?

Some of us planned goals for the past year but were never realized. This year may be the time to pursue those goals. Read on for some valuable tips;

  1. Choose your money goals.

Each one of us has some dream to pursue; maybe a new house, a trip for relaxation or a gadget we love to have. Knowing what you want to spend for helps you work towards attaining your dream.


  1. Plan how to spend money.

With the basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter, education of children, household costs, debt payments, savings are generally considered on finances. Costs for relaxation or family bonding sometimes become an option in one’s budget. It is very important to know how to handle your income.


  1. Avoid sale and promo items.

Abundance in sale and promo are definitely enticing offers from all stores. Some give discount cards to customers. This is really a tempting offer to buy and spend but it is best to avoid these.


  1. Monitor how you spend.

For two weeks, monitor everything that you spend and in this way you can determine what expenses are necessary and what are not. You can start to clear your budget of unnecessary spending.


  1. Negotiate for the lowest price.

Sometimes we see prices tagged on items being sold at booths. There is no harm in trying to have the sales lady give away the lowest price through our persistence and insistence.


  1. Find the best deals online.

Many products are often bought with the lowest price on the internet and sometimes with free shipping too! Check out the sites first before taking a trip to the store.


  1. Find sources of income.

Common this is we all have at least one job. But having another source of income mostly online is a welcome idea for those of us who have the skill, the creativity and earning from another source as well.


  1. Create your own business.

Small scale feasible businesses are becoming a reality in recent years. Those that have the passion for writing create blogs that earn through advertisements. Fruit bearing trees from one’s backyard are of market value too.


  1. Negotiate your salary.

It takes a smart person to land a job for the first time. But it is a smarter move for an employee to discuss with his / her superior for a salary increase. We know our potentials and the hard work we pour into our craft. It is not a bad idea to be compensated more for our knowledge and skill.

10. Carefully check your added income.

A full time job is the main source of income and earnings outside of it must be carefully recorded. Ins and outs must be managed accordingly.





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