Academic Excellence means Success?

What comprises academic excellence?
What comprises academic excellence?

The month of March reminds of my school days; Grade school, oh life was so much simpler back then. After Recognition Day, it was play time…only after my share of the house chores were done!

High School was a different story and usually after classes have ended, the season of Lent began. Some days were spent participating in chapel activities. College was the culminating phase of my student life and on the job training during my last semester, secured me a job placement right after graduation.

Maybe all the academic awards I have gained from grade school to college were my achievements to land a job after college. But at the work place, there was more than scholastic grades recorded on your transcript of records – there was a whole new world you are now a part of. All the theories I learned from school were helpful but only to a certain extent. The day to day experience at work was a learning and developmental phase I adjusted to.

As an OFW in Kuwait, my new school was unlike all the schools I studied from back in the Philippines. My new school environment stated and gave significant emphasis that I was a migrant worker and the host country had rules totally different from what I knew. It was a whole new learning experience for me and sometimes, I learned the difficult way.

Honestly, it’s not only a medal world out there; it must be one where Faith in God, Hope for a new day and Perseverance every step of the way.




Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

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    Gelleesh says:

    There is, indeed, so much more than academic excellence. When I was in elementary and highschool, it was expected that I’d always get an award; but come college, I just made sure that I learn the things I might need and just have fun. I didn’t graduate college with honors, but I have an awesome job and living on my own at 25… All because I persevered and worked hard to get to where I am right now and not because of my medals and awards 🙂

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