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Financial literacy is the key to improve financial situation, lessen and ultimately eliminate debt.
Financial literacy is the key to improve financial situation, lessen and ultimately eliminate debt. (logo:ulapnetph)

I’ve been an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) here in Kuwait for quite some time now and I am thankful for being able to come home in 2012 for a surprise visit to my family and friends.

I realized then that working abroad is not the only solution to take care of our families. While our remittances sustain their basic needs, we still sometimes find ourselves in financial crisis due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances like illness and debts. Most of the time, we are busy with our jobs and our day off is spent taking care of our personal needs and doing household chores because overseas, no one will do this for us.

Being an OFW entails many different sacrifices and it is but natural that we find ways and means to augment our income or even be able to save from it. We have dreams, we plan but sometimes it is not enough to make things work according to our plan.

Financial literacy, I think is one factor that we OFWs must learn in order for us to save more, and at the same time make our loved ones back home know that we do not have an easy life just so we can earn money and send to them in an instant.

Attending the Pinoy WISE (Worldwide Initiative for Investment Saving and Entrepreneur) Movement Seminar at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait Chancery last Friday, August 28th was an eye opener for me. It gave me proper direction on how to improve my financial knowledge and ability which will not only benefit myself but my family back home as well.

Pinoy WISE Movement is strongly supported by Philippines Envoy to the UAE, Her Excellency Ambassador Grace Relucio Princesa.



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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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