PSME Kuwait appreciated well

Thank you to Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers Kuwait Chapter (PSME Kuwait) for the belief.
Thank you to Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers Kuwait Chapter (PSME Kuwait) for the belief in my humble service.


Writing is my community service and the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers Kuwait Chapter (PSME Kuwait) has always been generous in providing me details to share to readers. 

Their most recent event, 4th Year end General Membership Meeting at Radisson Blu Hotel last Friday, December 4th, was an opportunity for me not only to attend a significant event but to become one with another Filipino organization here in Kuwait.

As an Emcee, I do not only read what is written in the program but I also put my heart into the task requested of me. I thank them for making me an honorary member of PSME Kuwait and being given that opportunity, I pledge my support to all PSME members.

As an OFW Blogger and OFW advocate, the assistance I extend is not only confined to the helpless, hopeless, distressed OFWs, but to all expatriates here in Kuwait, regardless of their line of duty, position in the company and other factors.

As I attentively listened to speakers, observed not only with my eyes,  but with my heart and mind, I realized how fortunate I am to have met the ladies and gentlemen of PSME Kuwait. They are not only professionals and experts in their field but value camaraderie and compassion for their fellowmen.

Congratulations to PSME Kuwait from Diary ni Gracia.



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Peace and love to you.

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