My Diary Contest 2016 Entry No. 2

No. 2 in the 2016 My Diary Contest

Hello dear readers! Today’s feature is about the second entry to My Diary Contest 2016 and her name is Ms. Rizza Garingo. Let’s follow what she has to say 🙂

My Diary

When I was in Grade 4, I remembered that my English teacher required us to make our own diary made up of recycled materials. I didn’t follow and bought a small notebook instead. Our teacher instructed us to write down what’s happening in our life during weekends. And as a kid who loves playing during weekends, I haven’t updated my so called Diary.

Ms. Rizza Garingo's diary from 1999. (blogger's photo)
Ms. Rizza Garingo’s diary from 1999. (blogger’s own)


But you must believe me when I tell you, that at my present age of 33, I’m still writing my Diary! I started when I was 16 and it was June 14, 1999 to be exact. I was a college freshman then at the University of the East – Manila, I was so excited because it’s my first time to own an Organizer. As a freshman, my organizer was a guide for my weekly plans or activities. And since it had a directory at the back, it was easy for me to reach my friends and colleagues with their contact details. No mobile phone book yet during that time because mobile phones were just about to be introduced.

Instead of writing my plans and activities, I wrote what happened each day. I wrote before going sleep at night and there was no day that I failed to write. No one required me to write my diary, because I just wanted to write all the details about my college years. My first week of being a freshman, I wrote my comments about my professors, the subject itself and the friends I’ve met. I was so sad and depressed during the second week because my beloved Aunt died.

"I wanted to write all detils of my college life.." - Ms. Rizza
“I wanted to write all details of my college life..” – Ms. Rizza


I cant’ imagine that my diary is full of my college memories. I wrote down all the ups and downs being a college student, my struggles on my hated subject, every “kilig moment” when my crush passed by our room, and of course, when I had to leave my Alma Mater after Graduation to face the real world.

Even after I graduated and landed my dream job, I still continued writing. Since I do fieldwork, I usually wrote the places I’ve been, the persons I’ve encountered and even good or bad situations.

Since I’m using an organizer, I can refill the papers and attach them inside. But as the years gone by, I directly wrote on the refill papers and made a mark.

This is my personal stuff so I can write what I want. I’ve wrote the first time I fell in love, my heartaches, my inspiration, family & financial problems, my feelings & emotions including my disappointments & achievements.

Every single detail of my daily grind, I wrote on my diary that’s why some important dates or highlights of my day were documented. From the 9 /11 attack, EDSA 2, Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan, death of my loved ones, personalities I got a chance to take a photo ops and nice events I’ve attended.

I never thought this coming June 14 I’ll be celebrating my 17 years of writing on my Diary. I started doing that when I was a teen and now in my mid 30’s, that sounds great! I’m sure that even when I’ll have a family of my own or when I grow old, I will continue to write on my diary. If ever in the future I will have children, I will inspire them to write their own diaries too.

In this digital age, I can’t explain until now why I am still passionately writing daily on my diary. Maybe because it gives me happiness and for sure in the coming years, I will still look back at how I started.

A diary with detachable pages is what Ms. Riza has in mind. (blogger's own)
A diary with detachable pages is what Ms. Riza has in mind. (blogger’s own)


If I’ll be given a chance and opportunity to print my own diary, I want it colorful and to be compiled as an album with detachable ring binders to allow additional pages more. I still want the same content.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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