My Diary Contest 2016 Winner, Ms. Madz de Leon

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It is my birthday today and I would like to thank all the bloggers who participated in My Diary Contest 2016. You all have interesting submissions, congratulations!

And the winner is...Ms. Madz de Leon. (photo credit to owner)
And the winner is…Ms. Madz de Leon. (photo credit to owner)


But just like any other contest, there has to be one winner only. Ms. Madz de Leon’s diary entry which she wrote as “Learning to (literally) Count my blessings” spells out human nature – that of being grateful for even the simplest of things that happen to one’s life.

“I love having a gratitude journal because it allows me to reflect on the joyful and memorable moments instead of the negative ones”, is one of the lines in her entry which I think is a perennial thought when someone is always trying to see the brightest side of things even in the darkest day.

Click here to read the winning entry Counting My Blessings by Madz de Leon


Special gift packs await the second and third place winners. Once again on my birthday today, I thank each and everyone of you for continuously reading Diary ni Gracia.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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