MY COMMITMENT Every one of us OFW, have a big dreams for ourselves and our family, but w" />

My Commitment


Every one of us OFW, have a big dreams for ourselves and our family, but we forget (most of the time) to dedicate a significant  portion of our time (of our life) learning how our money will grow, thinking for long term (actually this is how the richest man in the Philippines thinks…)

Maybe whatever we studied in our school life, still we never know better as we grow older and got the job. We all know  Financial Literacy program wasn’t part of our school curriculum even till we reach college. Today, we are so fortunate that our life now, almost all information are readily available in just one click but the questions are there good ones applicable to you to all of us. 

Although we would like to be filled with such information, our world we live in right now are full of experts (?) who has not been in our shoes, not event been an OFW, not even travel to our host country (for some) while for some who’d experience our OFW life, that’s a big congratulation. Literal scammers are floating and waiting to take a chance to grab our innocence —ignorance.

While we are all busy in our personal life and income, before we submerged in this all financial advise without legitimacy and dependability of money management, I take a bold step to take this opportunity and the initiative to my website, a diary of how I begin my Investment and the life of everyday pursuit of Simple and  Low – Maintenance Investing, ooops! not trying to be a Financial or an Investment  Guru but to humbly share only.

Mainly my goal is to at least to leverage my (and coming family) income  develop an income replacement fund, improve life finances, enjoy more time with our family and give back to our fellow kabayan; I will do that by sharing inspiring stories from heart to heart with practical tips and some sharing strategies on Stock Market (mainly focus).

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My Vision is to see almost all OFWs with diversified and growing investments.

Paying it forward is the good beginning by giving back to all my beautiful mind readers.


This blog now is dedicated to sharing the idea that investment success of OFWs  is based upon structurally following a few (very simple) principles:

  1. Diversifying your portfolio,
  2. Minimizing unwelcome events and
  3. Ignoring all the noise from the financial hype about what the stock market does from day to day.

In other words, if our portfolio is properly okay, God will do the rest.

At Present

-Advocate of Financial  and Investment
-Started offering Financial and Investment Consultancy
-I make a living on Simple and  Low – Maintenance Investing
-Graduate of Registered Financial Planner RFP of the Philippines
-Licensed Life and Non-life Insurance
-Certified Stock Market Trader
-Blogger (passionately)
-Doing some Start-ups




Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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