The Sevens from Kerygma Conference 2016

Since I came home to the Philippines in July, the past months have been new learning experiences. The past months have also been great opportunity for me to meet different kinds of people and attend different events. The Kerygma Conference 2016 headed by Bo Sanchez is truly a very uplifting event that makes me feel very blessed. The conference is called “Forward”. I am preparing progressive blogs to share with you. To start with, I would like to write about the seven (7) life phases where one must move forward. That is the only way – to move forward.

Learning from Bo Sanchez's Kerygma Conference 2016.
Learning from Bo Sanchez’s Kerygma Conference 2016.


  1. Wonder. When we feel lost or we feel that we are stuck somewhere, we often wonder how to get out of the situation. But we must not stop in wondering. We must start to do something or if need be, go somewhere else in order to move forward. We must wander.
  2. Wander. As Jesus has said, ” You can wander as far as you can, yet all you have to do is look behind. And you will see me following you. I’ll be two steps behind. ” As we try to move forward and find solution to our dilemma, let us not forget to call upon our Heavenly Father and ask Him to direct our ways so we tread the right path.
  3. Wound. Rocky Balboa, fictional movie character has this to say, ” In the boxing of life, it’s not how hard you can hit, but rather how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward. ” In our search for the truth and happiness, we sometimes hurt ourselves spiritually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, morally and even financially/ But along the way, we learn our lessons and become better persons.
  4. Wish. ” When hope is all you have, then you desperately wish! “Kerygma Conference 2016. Hope is powerful because it makes us look forward for better things to come in our life. It makes us wish that we could do something more not only for ourselves but for others as well.
  5. Will. ” When you convert won’t power to will power. “Kerygma Conference 2016. When we feel that we cannot do something, that is the time that we must DO IT. We must have the will power to move forward and reach our goal.
  6. Work. ” When you want fruits, work on the roots.”Kerygma Conference 2016. We must remember that all fruit bearing trees have the same foundation – seeds and roots. It all requires hard work, nurture, patience and determination, among other things in order to succeed.
  7. Win. ” When you resolved that God wins every battle for you towards success and significance! “Kerygma Conference 2016. God never leaves us alone when we fight our battles. He is always our strength and guidance. In every step that we take forward, God is by our side. We just need to believe.

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