Letter to Ms. Maxine Medina

Miss Universe Philippines

Dear Ms. Maxine Medina;

      Ms. Universe- Philippines


To be a representative of our country  is an indeed a remarkable achievement. Your participation is a noteworthy work  for us some of  us  your kabayan,  it is  really appreciated.

The entire social media  now is in different emotions and I witnessed your exemplary social attitude toward this situation,  to remain calm and positive. An Honor in a true sense.

A Major Victory!, It is having  someone who will stand by your side no matter what and that is your loving family, who nurtured your gift and passion.

My name is Grace been an OFW and I would like to share a thought if only host Mr. Steve Harvey will be asking me as an OFW the same question:

“What is the most significant change you’ve seen in the world in the last 10 years?”

The significant change as OFW I have seen in this world in the last ten years is our great contribution to our country’s GDP growth and our economy’s  development. Selfless Filipino become in demand in different industry around the world and God saw all these hardships. An invaluable significance we give.

But personally,

About the Author

 Over the course of our life (not only 10 years) everything we do, good or bad,  people will somehow see the details of our mistake and not the good ones that we  give, seamlessly.

We both had been given the honor and privilege to represent our country on a  different side, and this is a special gift that we both will forever cherish, to appreciate and be grateful for. God will always be on our side and people who loves us truly.

As for me, you will always be a winner. I am really proud of you. Looking forward meeting you someday.


Be Blessed,

Ms. Gracia, About the Author


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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

2 thoughts on “Letter to Ms. Maxine Medina

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    Amazing Negros says:

    I’m also an OFW before and working in Dubai… But in my opinion, regardless how big is the dollars that our Kabayans sending here in the Philippines still our Government should be wise enough on how to play it in the market. Currently the trade for USD to PHP is $1=P50 but unlike in UAE still it remains at $1=3.67AED. I know there are some economic factors on there but my point is that regardless how much will be the total amount of money sent by our Kabayans to PH and crocodiles still lurking in our Government… don’t be amazed if 50 years later the lifestyle of the majority of Filipinos are still the same.

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      Author says:

      Hello Amazing Negros, Thank you for your bringing this up. I believe on what have you said here and even us in Kuwait, people are lavishly living as if there will be no tomorrow and even the locals. They don’t see the future.

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