Getting Married in Kuwait

Getting Married in Kuwait
How to get married in Kuwait

Getting Married in Kuwait  Hello fellow Kabayan, Happy New  Year ! Maybe this is my call in life to #riseinlifting. I may be quite a very busy person but surely, I am back once again to assist you online. To start with, let us  answer all those knocking on my door for an advice (hoping that they will listen…) So let me begin now,

Hi, OFW po ako at gustong magpakasal dito sa Kuwait ngunit ako ay married na sa pinas pero hiwalay na ng magaanim na taon (6 years). Ang mapapangasawa ko naman ay kasal din sa pinas at hiwalay ng walong taon (8 years). Nais sana naming magpakasal sa embahada pero alam namin na maraming papel ang kailangan na di namin maipoprovide gaya ng cenomar. Maari nyo ba kaming tulungan na makasal dito sa Kuwait? Kami po ay wala na ding komunikasyon sa aming mga dating asawa. Sana po matulungan nyo kaming makapagpakasal. Maraming salamat po Kabayan.

Hello Kabayan Jhon (not real name), First, I am not a lawyer, not connected with any government agency and anything you read here is not legal advice but a friendly advice.’s opinion is only based on my almost a decade as a guru in international forums for OFWs, as an OFW advocate and with little experience from working in a legal office. Surprisingly though, I receive a lot of marital and relationship situation problems from my social media inbox, but I am actually a single woman, dreaming one day to be married to a God-given gentleman.   To get honest and straight legal advice, you must consult with our Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. The embassy has recently moved to a new location and you may ask our friendly Filipino taxi driver for directions. Upon entrance to the embassy, you can go to the reception desk and say,  ” Kabayan, we need  legal consultation about personal matter po ”. They will give the appropriate officer and schedule for you. Nasa abroad tayo Kabayan, we cannot do whatever our hearts desire. We need to respect our country and the laws of our host country, Kuwait. You have to share this personal matter to our Philippine Embassy and you should not be worried because they will be discreet and trust them lang. Sila din kasi ang tutulong sa atin. As per broad experience joining international communities overseas, alam natin pare-pareho what are rules in Kuwait regarding this situation and authorities are always checking about this matter, and for sure alam na alam mo what will be the result of this situation. 6 years, 8 years, kahit pa up to 15 or more years pa ito Kabayan, your marriage is still valid (but still depends), Divorce is not allowed in the Philippines. This may sound unfair to you, but that’s the law, consistent with the State’s policy of not allowing divorce for Filipinos. Pero… it doesn’t mean na, ikaw at si partner mo na Kabayan din ay wala ng magagawa. Meron pa, this will fall under the grounds for annulment / declaration of nullity, then the marriage could still be annulled or declared null and void from the beginning. If handa kayo gumastos or mag-share kayo ng gastusin para dito it will bring peace to you and blessing for your next generation. The procedure you will undergo is crucial. What you need is TIME and of course MONEY, because this is a process which may only be done through the courts. Kabayan Jhon, I hope that I was of any help to you even just to enlighten a piece of your situation. Godspeed. P.S. Let me check later about what can we do with this situation. Please wait for my next article here. Kabayan Grace

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