#B-U-D-G-E-T = DreamWeddingDay

“Plan, Plan, Plan" />

Budgeting Your Dream Wedding Day

Plan, Plan, Plan


#B-U-D-G-E-T = DreamWeddingDay

“Plan, Plan, Plan”


A BUDGET is the amount of money set aside for or assigned to a specific set of expenses. The budget is one of the first things to consider in any event. It will serve as the starting point for your wedding planning.

Kaya ang unang dapat ay magdecide kung magkano ba ang amount na kailangan i-prepare ninyo ng partner mo? Siya ba ang sasagot or hati kayo? From here you can figure out to which items, you should allot your budget. 

Magkano ang allotment for each item? Or how much are you willing to spend for the essential stuff for your wedding? In case the couple will share the budget, both parties should be comfortable with the amount to be shared. Traditional Filipinos would demand na lalaki ang gagastos or family ng lalaki. Pero times have changed, modern couples tend to rely on their own resources. If the parents have a share on the budget, very minimal na lang. Sometimes, their share is not monetary

Ideally, you will need around 250,000 to even half a million or more for a dream wedding in the Philippines. Still, your wedding cost depends on how you manage your money.

However, sa dami ng options sa market ngayon, your dream wedding can cost less. If you have less than 250,00, a nice wedding is still achievable. But remember along the process, some extra expenses may appear. Minsan, these are things na hindi mo inaasahan. So, better to have an allowance on your budget.

Following is a breakdown of these unexpected/extra expenses:

Make-up trial
Tips for the make-up artist
Food for the vendor/suppliers such as the host, DJ and crew of the sounds and lights team
Transportation Expenses

Isama mo pa ang mga papeles na kailangan for filing a marriage certificate/licenses etc. Kapag naman Catholic, minsan wala pang kumpil. Though, maliit lang ang fee. Still, it adds to the extra expenses. 


I believe couples would agree that it’s among the toughest issues  related to actualizing your dream wedding. Of course, sino ba naman ang hindi gusto ang magandang kasal? Sino ba naman ang hindi gusto ang magandang gown? Definitely, no one will confess na ayaw nila lahat yan.

It’s a dream wedding nga kasi. But your dream wedding doesn’t necessarily mean an EXPENSIVE WEDDING. Why not try this equation PLAN+PLAN+BUDGET = DREAM WEDDING?

Yes, it might not be easy. Sa taas ng inflation rate ngayon sa Pilipinas lahat halos nagmamahal. Minsan, people will joke na friend na lang daw nila ang hindi nagmamahal.

Don’t tell me na nasa abroad ka. Hey, apektado ka din nyan. May family ka sa Pinas diba? Nagpapadala ka monthly or tumulong ka sa relatives mo. Hindi ba? Lahat yan expenses din. All of these can directly or even indirectly affect you. Kung gusto mo na sa Pinas ka ikasal, the more you should appreciate the value of your money.

Yes and another yes – it’s your money and your wedding. You would be willing to spend much. Kahit mag – overboard.  Pero isang NO – at isa pang NO. Why spend that much? If you can spend a modest amount on a dream wedding?

Going back to what I shared in the previous pages —- WANTS VS NEEDS. You can always let go of the fancy things but your needs can be modified to look fancier and prettier elements on your wedding. Your marriage life starts after the ceremony. Ito ang mas dapat paghandaan.  Nakakalungkot pero money can be a cause of misunderstandings as a couple. Kahit gaano ninyo pa man kamahal ang isa’t – isa. That’s why it’s better to plan everything on a budget.

You can read A Budget Savvy Couple’s Guide: 100+ Tips to a More Affordable Dream Wedding for more detailed advice on the budget and other wedding preparation issues.


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