“Your best time of the year.”

Wedding Time and Date

Your best time of the year.



“Your best time of the year.”


Now that the kind of wedding – church or civil, priorities and budget had been set, it’s now time to decide about the date. Sometimes, choosing a date for the wedding can be a little stressful. Maraming bagay ang nagiging dahilan ng mga couples in picking their wedding date. Often, their choice is based on sentimental reasons.

Below are the common reasons for picking a wedding date:


Yung iba ang wedding day is the same day as their first meeting. Sam’s parents were married for 50 years now. Nakakaaliw ang love story. Nakasabay lang na bumili ng yeso ( ano iyon? ) — CHALK sa canteen ng tatay niya ang mom niya noon. Then, the love story started and the rest as we say is history. Sam always share this story with everyone she knows. But such a story never fails to make us smile and believe na may forever nga. Kung wala naman, dahil hindi naman tayo nabubuhay forever —– at least may LIFETIME.

It’s something to inspire us.  It makes us believe in the power and magic of love. Mapapaisip ka at masasabi mo na possible pala. Pwede pala talaga na one can stay in love with the same person. That the attraction between two individuals can really be beyond skin deep. Yung kahit na mawala na ang kinis ng mukha at palitan na ng wrinkles. There is this one person, who can still see the beauty in you. 

Just how the lyrics of these 2 songs go “Grow Old With You at Kahit Maputi na Ang Buhok Ko”. Indeed, true love exists despite and in spite of the many negativity na makikita mo sa iba. Her parents’ first meeting is always remembered. Their wedding was set on the same day, October 28. And that was 50 years ago.


Others would pick their anniversary date as a couple, or the day that she answered Yes to him, sometimes a day that their journey as partners began.

Filipinos no matter how modern we become, hindi pa din nawawala ang pagiging mapamahiin. There are couples who chose certain months, because of the symbolism that comes with it.


January is for the New Year. It stands for new beginnings. The couple will experience a lot of these in marriage. 


The Love Month. February is dubbed as the most romantic part of the year.  It is a popular belief that marriage held during this month will be blessed with love. While others chose a date for the wedding out of practical reasons. Always bear in mind, ang date at oras para sa kasal ay parang damit. In layman’s term nasa uso din. Kapag nasa wedding season, prices are expected to be higher.

June to August Weddings

For those the gusto makatipid, lean season and June to August. Which means sa mga ganitong months mas madaling makapag book sa wedding reception venue at sa church. Prices are cheaper. Kaya some couples choose to have a wedding from June to August.


Unlike the traditional knowledge that June is the wedding season. It’s actually December. Sa Pilipinas mas maraming nagpapakasal during this month. Mainly because of Christmas. Families gather and many would come home for the season. It is such a perfect time to hold a wedding.



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