PIES HANDOG PASASALAMAT… BEINTE NA PO KAMI “Daryl Ong Live in Kuwait with Kiel Alo, Pepay and Negi” came right at the perfect time. Just when you thought 2019 would end without a bang then comes a – both credible names in their respective fields.


Thank you PIES headed by Principal Antonio Casupang! Thank you my Infinity family for choosing me to be the director of this gargantuan project. Huge thanks Madam Ana del Mundo , Kuya Ronnie, Madam Dolor, Madam Mildred Lacson , Sir Nelson Lacson , Madam Norma D Duquette , Tita Jovelyn A. Hagoriles , Tita Elaine Rodriguez , Wredz Villanueva , Jennifer L Uy , Najwa Lacson , Juliecyl Lara Mijares, Ma Roel D Guarin , Mansour Melad Amin , Carlo Dela Rosa Delfinado , CharVin Rellamas Molaco , Onegroove Dancecrew, PIES Squad, DJ Mark Spark Fernandez, Likha Nib At Hala, the rest of the team and to all our sponsors… my endless gratitude and praise! Hats off to all of you!

Our media partners Mich Maxx Santiago and Pinoy Arabia Team, Dj Jay Xiano of TPPFM, Raymund Recamadas, PINDOT, FilmDOT, Maniniyot in Kuwait, and Pinoy Vloggers in Kuwait … I can’t thank you enough!


To all the spectators (nearly all 3,000 of you) who bought our tickets, those who were in awe with each and every performances by our homegrown talents and Manila artists, those who laughed till they cried, those who screamed with joy at the top of their lungs…. words aren’t enough to express my heartfelt thank you.

The event came into fruition with students of OFWs in mind… our future leaders and the
260,000 plus Filipinos here in Kuwait. The pomp and pageantry are nothing compared to the toil and grind of everyday life. You deserve this… we all deserve this.

“Legacy” was the first word that we the Infinity family could all think of while cooking up this monumental show. We want to leave behind a legacy of abundance, camaraderie, charity and empathy. I know we all have our own crosses to bear but I hope that the recently concluded concert would somehow lighten that load and that all of us would celebrate a life full of love and brotherhood… a life devoid of hate and mud-slinging.

And lastly, as 2019 draws to a close I would like to encourage everyone to take a leap of faith and chase their goal. Don’t let fear talk you out of your dreams.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Ino Florencio



It’s hard to imagine that it was two decades ago when a small school with a big dream and a heart to help Filipino teachers and family got the heart of many kababayans. 


Today this school has blossomed into one of the good schools with highly successful students. 

The school envisions a perfect celebration, indeed a successful one.


Awesome can’t begin to describe the overall concert. The collaboration between the Philippine International English School (PIES) and Infinity Event Management Company are unprecedented

The concert is truly an unforgettable experience for everyone, especially when the floor section gave all fans an opportunity to get up-close to the innovative staging – cinematic video screen.

Investment in experiences and on moments like this are more considered as the generation invests more in what life matters.

however fleeting they may be. Generally, millennials are often tagged as the generation that invests on experiences more than financial and practical investments that our parents and the older generation might be convincing us about.

Daryl Ong is totally immersed in the concert.


After perhaps minutes to an hour of waiting, the entire venue dimmed, the fans screamed in excitement, and then flashes of light exploded all at once to signal the start of the concert.


No other tangible things and practical investments can equal to that momentous time when everyone in the crowd is singing the songs all together, their lighted phones raised – creating an illusion of a sea of lights that spilled out from the stage and even up the bleachers.



In a concert, you are allowed to sing as loud as you can and feel every beat. You don’t need to reach for the notes. You don’t need to be ashamed. I saw many who sing there heart out and it was the best for me.




We were seated just directly in front of the stage and I was already satisfied with that. But after a few songs, the lights dimmed once again save for the phone lights. The crowd was silent, anticipating the man of the hour Daryl Ong. From a very silent crowd, there were screaming.


The lights turned on once again and there were the three artists much nearer to us now – and performed on the makeshift stage just in front of the sound booth.




They said that time is gold, but I learned that when you decide to go for something that will enrich your soul, it only gets better from there. I love supporting people that matter to me.


I really feel amazed at this event.



Being one of the major supporters of this event (and mommy ta) and a blogger (in the name of my mommy ta)

In the end, all I know is this: regardless of whether or not this theory is completely true, there are certain things that cannot be measured by money. One: the ability to love and be loved. The second: the impact you made on other people's hearts.

Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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