Pwede ba ko Mag-Invest ng 1 Bitcoin at Kumita



Pwede ba ko mag-invest sa Bitcoin at Kumita

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Pwede ba ko mag-invest sa Bitcoin at Kumita

Bitcoin a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator. Walang intermediaries, walang police, unlike sa Stock Market and Bonds. Walang regulator sa atin kasi may Security Exchange Commission, may Investor protection.

Yes, Bitcoin has also been used as an investment, kasabay nito several regulatory agencies also have issued investor alerts about bitcoin.

Ang bitcoin walang business, mai-compare mo siya sa isang painting and gold.

Think twice before investing in bitcoin and not only in this investment but to all kinds of investment.

Before I continue answering this question, I want to emphasize that investing in bitcoin is risky. Yes, you may say lahat naman ng investment din. As per study lang,  bitcoin has been known to lose 80 percent of its value in a matter of days—indeed, it lost a third of its value from past year. And while bitcoins recovered their value after previous crashes, the price is much higher today. There’s no guarantee that bitcoin will recover after its next crash. So please don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. Kung gusto mo I-try Invest money na kaya mo lamang talaga mawala at makakatulog ka pa din.

Madali lamang magkaroon ng bitcoin, sa mga oras na ito, madali na lamang maka-avail nito. May kaibigan ka maari nag-offer sa iyo, or because of being in demand niya. Or pwede punta ka lamang sa site nila ang set up an account.

If you will have further research 2014, nagkaroon ng declaration of bankruptcy isa sa biggest bitcoin exchange as in million of dollars in bitcoins were stolen by hackers. Yung iba naman during early bitcoin services nawala na lamang sa web, taking customers’ bitcoins with them as in ganun lang.

May iba pang issue bukod sa exchanges, hard drive crashes, lose of paper from print out, bitcoins in web wallet, bitcoin-stealing malware on computer. Meron ding issue regarding sa transaction fees may kataasan din ito.

Para lamang sa akin; mas Malaki ang risk ditto kumpara sa conventional assets na tulad ng stocks and bonds.

It is because of media attracted more investors and turned into bitcoin bubble. Climbed to 1 USD rose to more than 30 USD and crashed and fell to 2 USD (imagine + – 80%) and if you will observe more the cycle repeated two more times and if talagang pinag aralan mo ito or nagbasa-basa ka na din, 3x na siyang nag-up and down and ang naging current boom niya from a low of 200 USD to a high above 10,000 USD, which is the fourth major bitcoin boom.

I’m alarmed with a lot of bitcoin buyers who don’t know what bitcoin is and what to do with it.

When you talk about investing and holding any form of asset, the number one consideration should always be PROTECTION AND  SECURITY. Here,  no one acts as the ‘police’ of this investment, which will formulate rules and impose penalties or sanctions. Nobody monitors and audits this operation if it conforms with the laws. Does it have Risk-Based Capital Adequacy na nag sisigurado na kayang i-cover any exposure to risks? Kung wala nitong mga ito paano magkakaroon ng disclosure rules para naman ma protektahan mo din ang pinag hirapan mong pera.

Comparing to Stock Market; has the following;

  1. Capital Markets Integrity Corporation (CMIC) acts as an independent audit, surveillance, and compliance arm of the Exchange.

  2. Total Market Surveillance (TMS) investigates unusual price and volume movements to identify and sanction trading participants, issuers, or investors who might have committed unfair market practices.

  3.  Securities Investor Protection Fund (SIPF) which is comparable to the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. providing insurance for bank deposits seeks to build and enhance investors’ confidence in the market and is envisioned to protect the investing public from extraordinary losses, other than the ordinary market fluctuations, arising as a result of fraud, failure of a business, or judicial insolvency of PSE-accredited stockbrokers. According to Philippine Stock Exchange protection to investors is automatic upon the opening of an account with a PSE-accredited stockbroker and given by way of compensation for trade-related obligations of stockbrokers to its customers. These safeguards, along with other investor protection initiatives of the PSE, serve to protect the health of the equities market and the integrity of the capital formation process, making investing in the Philippine stock market secure.

Comparing  to Bonds;

Bonds issued by government securities. Considering one of the safest investments.  It is usually considered zero or minimal risk because the government backs the indebtedness. In the Philippine investment scenario, the majority of fixed-income investments are placed in government securities. However, there are some investment-grade bonds issued by top corporations, including PLDT, Ayala Corp., San Miguel Corp., and SM. The risks associated with corporate bonds are higher than those issued by the government. Hence one can expect higher yields from corporate bonds.

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