3 Reasons Why We Need To Send Balikbayan Boxes Early for Christmas


OFWs from all over the world are preparing to send  Christmas gifts this soon to make it to the Philippines in time for this “ber” season. Let me share quick tipid goal this season.

Here are the 3  Reasons Why Balikbayan Boxes for your loved ones must be sent early.

Only “Filipino”, is the practice of bringing pasalubong, giving gifts and always remembering loved ones wherever we may be. We also have the longest Christmas Holiday season in the world. Beginning when the calendar hits the “ber” months, this is the busiest time for all the cargo companies.

Here are the 3 main reasons why balikbayan boxes for your loved ones should be sent early:

  1. Packing is need more time time. You will most likely want to maximize the space. Since sending balikbayan boxes is by volume, weight does not matter. Toiletries need to be secured so that they won’t break, spill and contaminate other goods, especially food items. For the busy OFW, you want to enjoy the entire process of buying items fit specifically for the different members of the family. Therefore we need also to shop earlier for stress-free packing.
  2. Everybody don’t want to get caught in the rush. You want to make sure that the pick-up of boxes from your homes are scheduled. Or that there are no long lines in any conveniently located drop-off points. Due to seasonality, sending of balikbayan boxes peak around this time of year.
  3. You need to give around 2 months at least allowance at the very least if you want your gifts to arrive before the New Year.  Always think that there is a transient time as the cargo travels by sea. Nowadays, we are so used to online shopping arriving in practically no time that we forget that sending balikbayan boxes need longer time.  And think that there is this issue concerning volume when it reaches the Philippines. Try to understand that  there are possible delays when it reaches the Port of Manila or from any port.
This season is hardest if you are living away from our family at the same time we need a cost-cutting budget. But thankfully, these balikbayan boxes carry your love across the seas. Shopping for gifts bridges the distance. Making sure it gets to them in time is easy if you plan ahead. Aside from Cargo shipping, we can send our Balikbayan box through Air Freight if we want our gifts to arrive in time.

Remember our cut-off dates if you want the boxes to get to your loved ones in time for Christmas!

And so this is why Balikbayan boxes for your loved ones are better sent early.

At kung maraming padala para sa pamilya natin, ang LBC ay may Afforda-bundle para sa’yo! With LBC Balikbayan Box Bundles, mas maraming mapapadala gamit ang iba’t ibang box bundles na available.

One plus One is equal to discounted rates.

Send two LBC boxes with two different address in one destination area and get discounted rates for Balikabayan Box Padala until August 31, 2019

Big Boxes and Medium Box are all non-LBC box.

Punta na sa LBC Pick Up using this link, http://bit.ly/2JWJyit at i-book na natin ang ating box. Please share lamang po natin ito. Salamat po.

For Schedule of cut off dates pls check this link http://bit.ly/LBCcutoffdates



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