Celebrating the Sixth Founding Anniversary of the Teachers Specialist Organization Kuwait (TSOK) With Continuous Assistance to our Kabayans

Amid the ongoing threat of coronavirus, we proudly celebrated the sixth founding anniversary of the Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait. The amusing knowledge and skill of our talented medical frontliners were all molded by the hand of the teacher. It is all thanks to them that we have frontliners around the globe who are both saving lives and protecting the welfare of the community.

Even if this organization is composed of teachers, their helping hand does not only limit within the four corners of the classroom. It also extended to the needs of the community. Since its official founding on May 1, 2014, all TSOK members supported many organizations.

For that, I would express my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow TSOK family for their continuous support and efforts. Their art of teaching is an act of heroism in every child’s perspective as he or she learns all the wonders in the world.  Because of them, we have more professionals who are working collectively for the betterment of society.

I would like to thank our founder, Sir Honesto B. Doctolero Jr. LPT, who led the organization from 2014-2016, Sir Jan Rao N. Lanante, LPT, who managed it from 2017-2019 and Sir Abdurahman S. Abing RN, MSN, MRN, LPT who is currently the President of the organization. A video posted by Sir Abing shows the achievements and memories achieved by this organization. To view the video, click here!

For that, I hope the best health and wishes to the members and officers of the organization as they continue to promote their visions and goals to the community. Aside from their founding anniversary, they also performed great acts of generosity and charity to all the Filipino Workers affected by the COVID-19 crisis in Kuwait. Due to the lockdown measures, our fellow Kabayans have no financial income to pay for their daily needs.

The TSOK organization responded quickly to the struggles of the Filipinos in Kuwait. Their food packages include packs of rice, ready to eat cans and packs, flour, coffee, eggs, and other more. Here are the photos of their food distributions for the Filipinos living in Kuwait.



As we faced the threat of this COVID-19 pandemic, let us remain strong and confident that we can share our knowledge and develop more individuals achieving their dreamed profession. Together, we can help build a better world.



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