The Inspiring Pinoy Live Stream Channel in Kuwait of DJ Gerson

In the world’s journey of battling the COVID-19 pandemic, raising awareness to the people worldwide cannot be achieved without the existence of media.  Ever since the World Health Organization announcement on the disease called “mystery pneumonia” on December 31, 2020, the information of the illness spread like wildfire. With multiple stories, the media has been following each development of the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the world, thousands of updates are posted in hopes to potentially save lives by spreading truthful and reliable information.

To our fellow Kababayans in Kuwait, having a Pinoy Live Stream Channel within reach is very useful. In this health crisis, the Kuwait government implemented many rules and guidelines in reducing the transmission of the illness within the community. Therefore, DJ Gerson De Guzman, a fellow Kabayan in Kuwait, set up an online platform for all the Overseas Filipinos in the country. He has two available platforms. There is Pinoy LiveStream Channel Facebook Page and DJ Gerson TV YouTube Channel.

His Pinoy Livestream Channel Facebook Page is an online motivational platform with a radio show format. In his streams, he stresses the empowerment of the Overseas Filipinos across the globe. As his platform provides entertainment and inspiration, he also helps the Kuwait authorities raise health awareness to the Filipino community in the Filipino language. He conducts greetings, giveaways, and cover sessions featuring different guest performers with a goal to uplift the spirit of every Filipino in the country.

In his Youtube Channel, he published inspirational videos, especially to our Kababayans, who are facing depression, anxieties, and other challenges during this pandemic. I recommend listening to these videos, especially in our current situation, where we are slowly recovering to normalcy. His in-depth reflections and advice are life learning for everyone.

To access his Pinoy Livestream Channel Facebook Page, click here.

To access his DJ Gerson TV YouTube Channel, click here.

 As we slowly recover in this challenging health crisis, social platforms that provide encouragement and inspiration to each individual is crucial. Aside from being entertained, one can learn something every day through these livestream channels. Hence, it can be our source of confidence and motivation in this battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe, everyone. 


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