Finding Your Motivation and Confidence After The Lockdown

 The COVID-19 pandemic has locked us within the four corners of our house. As the best prevention from exposure to the virus, we stayed home while our work and livelihood were suspended. However, even these dark days will not linger for that long. We are now on the period of recovering what we have lost due to the threat of the coronavirus disease.

With the positivity podcast of Paul McKenna, we are given a handful of tips that we can apply as we resume our lives to normalcy. He emphasized the importance of motivation and confidence in our lives, especially on our return to our work. During this post-lockdown period, it can be difficult to restart our lives after experiencing a financial and emotional crisis in the time of quarantine.  Through these guidelines, we can return to confidently to work and achieve our inspiring goals.

 When the coronavirus disease strikes the world, all people put all means of survival as their top priority. Therefore, other opportunities shrunk in hopes to prevent contracting the disease. Due to these events, we forget to foster confidence and motivation within our lives. It is only through confidence that each of us can stay at the peak state of our performance, whether at work or home. It is only at that moment that we manifest positive energy that will transform into high productivity and excellent results.

The Beauty of Taking Risks

 To succeed with our goals, this is the first thing that we should consider. According to Paul, taking risks is an essential element of success. However, as he consulted with great achievers and top athletes, he learned the difference between “confidence risk-taking” and “foolish acts of self-endangerment.” 

 Not all people are comfortable taking risks, for it involves bravery and the possibility of a significant loss. However, professional risk takers do not only foster courage. The reason for their success is their preparedness. They follow these three simple steps before taking action. They identify the risk, assess them, and determine whether they will be going for it.

 First of all, you must think of a high-risk decision. You must then identify on a scale of 1-10 how much good can you become if you succeed in it. On the other hand, you must also rate from 1-10 its negative impact if you tend to fail. If the rate of benefits becomes higher than the negative impact, then it is good to take your action. To work on it, you need the necessary confidence and motivation.

Creating Your Best Version

For starters, visualizing yourself at your peak performance is a crucial foundation. You must visualize another version of you that is slightly more confident and motivated than your current state.  Imagine your smiling and happy self, who is doing what you should be doing. It includes your compliance with health measures such as wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and practicing social distancing as you work out on your day. You go to your jobs or livelihood with confidence and passion.

Then, you should imagine your current self floating towards the better version of you. In that, you can see through the eyes of your confident and motivated self. You can also notice that you are standing quite taller. It is because you are emanating more confidence in yourself with high motivation. From that standpoint, you can start your day.

 After that, you can imagine that the best version of you with more comfort, passion, and ease. When you think that this is better, then visualize yourself floating into this best version of you. Through this practice, you will notice that you will gradually feel more confident and motivated within the day.

Achieving One’s Goal Through Gradual Steps

 Consequently, Paul talked about the topic of the setting of goals. It starts with the story of a woman who lost 140 pounds of weight. She also participated in three marathons. When Paul asked her about the cause of her motivation, the woman replied, “I started it first by walking my dog outside.” From that, she began walking with her dog every day as its duration gets longer. Then, her walking turned into jogging with the dog, which later turned into running. Until the time comes when she could run half a marathon, which soon became a marathon.

Achieving your goals through a series of stages or steps gives you a better feeling as you accomplish more than what your past self could do. You will feel more fantastic as you go beyond your previous limitations. This will significantly work from performing your best at work or in becoming a talented Olympian.

After achieving that motivation and confidence, you must set your goal. A big goal that greatly excites you as you wake up in the morning. Then try imagining that you had the best year you have ever had. You will begin questioning what must have happened regarding your relationships, health, career, and finances. Lastly, what must have happened with your level of happiness. From that, you can picture out yourself where all these good things happen. You did great in your career life. You related well with the people around you. Through this, you should visualize it as your goal that you should achieve by the next year.

 Now that you have made your goal, you must think about what needed to take place to bring you to your goal. One must picture out what happened three months before this great achievement of yours. Then, you will also determine what happened six months and nine months before it, respectively. From that, you made yourself a timeline with an interval of three months in improving your confidence, motivation, and your overall self.

 Visualizing your best year will initiate you to regularly think of your goal and motivate you towards your triumphant success.  


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