"Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may f" />

A Friendly Guide for Kuwait Mosafer App

“Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

– Marie Curie-

Kuwait Airways issued a set of guidelines for departing/incoming passengers on Saturday, January 2 with the resumption of commercial flights to and from Kuwait International Airport. Both entering and exiting passengers from/to Kuwait must register on kuwaitmosafer.com. Kuwaiti travelers will also need to purchase health insurance and sign a waiver form via the Kuwait Mosafer website.

Kuwait will be the region’s first airport to use technology to create a single platform that will assist travelers in meeting COVID-19 travel requirements ahead of time, eliminating airport queues and other delays. Health declarations, guidance, and checklists from the Kuwait DCGA, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Interior are all included in the portal.

The app was created with three main goals in mind: improving awareness and facilitating contactless procedures, as well as protecting the health of passengers and airport employees. It assists passengers in completing post-COVID-19 travel requirements, reducing queues and disruptions. It also assists airport operators in overcoming the obstacles of reduced capacity due to physical distancing by allowing them to book in advance for services including check-in appointments.


Here’s a Step by Step Process of using the Kuwait Mosafer App:


Step 1

Sign-up on Mosafer App. You can sign in to kuwaitmosafer.com using your Google Account, Facebook, or just sign-up through any e-mail you desire to use. Once you sign up will all your personal details, you will be redirected to Kuwait Mosafer Homepage.


Step 2

Add flight details.

Step 3

Passenger List – After adding your flight details, click on the flight you added, you will see all the options below the passenger’s list.

Step 4

Hotel Booking – click on the hotels below passengers list, you will find the list of available hotels, you can book either by calling them or any common hotel booking website according to your comfort and budget.

You need to send a copy of the Valid Passport/Passport Extension, Civil ID, and Flight Details to the hotel, at the time of arrival. The hotel will send a taxi/car to pick you up.

List of Hotels included in kuwaitmosafer.com or kuwaitmosafer.gov.kw, you may visit https://bit.ly/3dxWtGr


Step 5

You need to do a PCR test from the country you are traveling to before 96 hours according to kuwaitmosafer.com. PCR Certificate tab will be only unlocked 96 hours prior to your scheduled flight.

Step 6 

PCR Package – click on PCR Package below Passengers List, you need to pay 60 KD for two PCR Swab Tests. One PCR Swab Test for On Arrival, and the second PCR Swab Test will be done after 7 days of institutional quarantine or 14 days of institutional quarantine depending on the country you are traveling from. You need to book the PCR Package before boarding the flight.

IMPORTANT: All passengers coming from any of these countries are required to obtain a PCR Swab Test certificate valid for 72 hours.

Optional – if you already took the vaccine, you can add your PCR Certificate and COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Kuwait Mosafer

Question: Can I change the lab location after booking a PCR Test?

Answer: Yes. Send an e-mail to the Kuwait Mosafer customer service team with your name, registered e-mail ID, and the lab location you would like to visit.


Q: Can I change or cancel my flight counter check-in reservation?

A: Yes, you can change your flight counter check-in slot by visiting kuwaitmosafer.com


Q: Can I check-in to my flight via the website?

A: The website will redirect you to the online check-in webpage of your airline. You can complete the check-in process as required on that webpage.


Q: Can I check-in to my flight via the web application?

A: This app will redirect you to the online check-in webpage of your airline. You can then complete the online check-in process as required.


Q: Does this website save my mobile boarding pass details?

A: No, it does not. You will need to save your boarding pass details separately.


Q: Do I have to pay to book a flight check-in slot?

A: No. Flight check-in can be booked for free.


Q: What should I carry with me for the PCR [Swab] Test?

A: You need to bring your Civil ID and Passport.


Q: I am traveling with my family, can we create one account, or do we need individual ones for each family member? What about children?

A: For a family traveling together, you can create one account with multiple travelers, including children. For more information, you may contact customer.service@kuwaitmosafer.com


To download Kuwait Mosafer App you may scan the QR code below or download Kuwait Mosafer App at iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

I hope this article helped you. Keep safe, Kababayan. Mabuhay po ang lahat ng OFW!


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