“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end."

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Travel Guidelines for Returning OFWs from Kuwait to Philippines

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

 -John Lennon-

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Last May 07, 2021, Clarissa and other fellow Kababayans in Kuwait went home to the Philippines through connecting flights (Kuwait-Qatar and Qatar-Clark, Pampanga via Qatar Airways). Our Kabayan Clarissa shared her travel experience through a Facebook post while she was staying at a hotel for mandatory quarantine.

Kabayan Clarissa clearly stated her experience about the new protocols that are being imposed for returning OFWs starting May 07, 2021. She stressed that for every returning OFWs, you are required to take mandatory 14 days quarantine.

She detailed that from the arrival date, on the 7th day of your hotel quarantine, you will undergo PCR Swab Test. On the 8th day, you will know the result of the test whether positive or not. If negative, you will be released from the hotel quarantine and now required to take additional 4 days for home quarantine.

Clarissa further stressed that the Philippine Airports are not closed for returning OFWs. She explained that there is a 2,000 maximum limit for arriving passengers and that explains why most flights of Philippine Airlines are canceled, more so if the destination is at NAIA.

She advised her fellow Kababayans to take Clark International Airport as the airport destination of Luzon-bound returning OFWs or take Cebu International Airport if Visayas- or Mindanao-bound.

Here are some frequently asked questions by our Kababayans in Kuwait that Clarissa answered through Facebook post.


What are the things we needed before Kuwait departure?
  • MOSAFER – you’ll need this for the details of your flight. For guided instruction you may watch the video below:

READ MORE: A Friendly Guide for Kuwait Mosafer App


  • PHILIPPINE RED CROSS – you need to visit their website to avail free PCR Swab Test for returning OFWs. For guided instruction you may watch the video below:

READ MORE: A Friendly Guide for Philippine Red Cross e-CIF 


  • TRAZE APP – you’ll need this mobile application for your additional 4-day home quarantine after your 10th-day hotel quarantine. For guided instruction you may watch the video below:

READ MORE: A Friendly Guide for TRAZE App PH 


  • OASIS – you’ll need this for financial assistance from the Philippine government that can help you.

READ MORE: A Friendly Guide for OASIS


  • Valid Passport or Passport Extension
  • Civil ID (depending on the Immigration Personnel)


Does anyone assist at the [Kuwait International] Airport?

“Don’t worry, we have fellow Kababayans in Kuwait, mostly Filipinas who will assist us at Kuwait [International] Airport,” Clarissa answered.


Do we need to undergo a PCR [Swab] Test in Qatar?

“NO,” she answered, “However, to make sure, check the guidelines from time to time because it varies. As of now, Qatar doesn’t require PCR [Swab] Test,” she clarified.

There are some instances that some airlines are requiring PCR [Swab] Test. To make sure, coordinate this with your sponsor or ticketing agency.


How many kilograms is the baggage allowance of Qatar Airways?

Baggage allowance is usually stated in your plane ticket and it varies per arrival date and destination. It varies and to make sure, you may check your ticket handled by your sponsor or ticketing agency.


Is the check-in baggage allowance in kilograms strict?

It depends on who’s assigned in checking the baggage. But it’s better if you weigh your baggage before your flight. For instance, I have a fellow Kababayan who has an excess of 5 kilograms for her baggage allowance. It’s either you left your excess baggage at the airport or pay for the excess baggage kilograms. The airport charges 10KD per kilo.


Is [COVID-19] vaccine required for returning OFWs?

As per the official announcement of Kuwait, Kuwaitis and their helpers are required to get vaccinated if they are going on vacation or leaving Kuwait. But if you are a returning OFW, NO, it is not required. However, if you are bound to return to Kuwait, YES, you are required to have 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.


What if my destination is Clark International Airport but I’m a Manila-bound or Mindanao-bound passenger?

OWWA will schedule your travel. There will be a bus that will fetch you if you are a Manila-bound passenger. If Visayas-/Mindanao-bound passenger, a PAL coordinated flight, free of charge, will take you to your destination.


Do I need to be an active OWWA member to avail this for free?

NO, all expenses by returning OFWs are covered by OWWA from airport transportation to hotel, food, water, hotel quarantine, and transportation to your final destination.


Is there any food given/sponsored?

YES, it includes a 3x a day meal. But if you want to, you can bring coffee, biscuits, or any additional food for you not to get hungry. Foods served by the hotel are quite expensive so I suggest bringing of food. Also, the hotel management doesn’t allow deliveries from outside because close contact is prohibited.


Are there any fees?

None. But I advise everyone to remit their pocket money in their name or through your bank account because the exchange rate for Peso and Dinar is quite low. So while still in Kuwait, exchange your money already. For instance, 1 KD = 149 PhP


Clarisse also advises her fellow Kababayans to bring a ballpen because there are lots of forms needed to be filled up once arrived at the Philippine airport.

“To my fellow Kababayans, don’t worry too much if your sponsor said that you will spend big if you return to the Philippines. All expenses from the airport, hotel, food, and transportation are free of charge. This is made possible by our Philippine government, through OWWA. All we need to do is to fill up necessary requirements needed for our flight,” Clarisse concluded.


I hope this article helped you. Keep safe, Kababayan. Mabuhay po ang lahat ng OFW!



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