My Diary

My Diary is a plain journal I bought from the PNA office when I renewed my membership ID, It was very handy and the inner print was not that complicated. Though try as I may to write religiously on it, I am forgetful so there are specks of blanks. I usually put stickers on them or I cut out the logos from the leaflets of places we visited or ate in and stick them on my calendar grid.

My planner keeps me organized to a certain extent, I could put down appointments days ahead but if I forget to browse my planner for that specific week its not really useful hahaha. I use my planner as more of a journal to help me remember memorable events or stuff that happened to me, so it more of a memento album which chronicles my life. That is why I love putting stickers on it, even if I do not put down words, the stickers remind me how that day went or that I am due to visit the dentist in 6 months time because of the tooth sticker. In all honesty, when I am down, I grab my planner and back read so that I can be reminded of the good times and of the blessings I have incurred.

I actually made a post in my blog about my journal prior to reading about the contest.
Here it is:



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