Investments and Finance Ultimate Guide


Looking for a guide in investments and finances? You are in the right place because we offer you information that will guide and lead you to a smarter finance in:

  • REITS and Stock Market
  • SSS
  • Investments

This directory will guide you in the basics and help you make the wise decisions for your future.  


REITS and Stock Market

  1. Stock Investment A Beginner’s Guide
  3. NEWBIE IN STOCK MARKET, what to do?
  4. OFW FINANCE – Money News Update that you need to read (Table of Contents)
  5. 5 Key Insights on Stock Market and REITS this 2021



  1. BPI as new payment gateway for SSS Mobile
  2. Updates from SSS and PhilHealth that you need to read
  3. Updates from SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG that you must read
  4. SSS’ one-stop business services portal
  5. SSS Payment Reference Number
  6. Updates from SSS and PhilHealth that you must know
  7. Updates from SSS and Pag-IBIG Fund that you need to read
  8. Updates from SSS and PhilHealth that you must read
  9. SSS’ scheduled contribution rate increase
  10. Enroll your SSS Disbursement Account
  11. SSS Pensions Update
  12. SSS enforces its mandatory online transaction and checkless disbursement
  13. Salary loans applications via SSS Mobile App re-enabled
  14. SSS pension loan releases reach the P5B mark



  1. Ways and Requirements to Get your First Credit Card in the Philippines
  2. Student Loans in the Philippines
  3. Savings Dos and Dont’s
  4. Philippines Best Banks with High-Yield Savings Return
  5. Invest Early – The Younger, The Better
  6. How To Save Money Amidst Inflation
  7. Credit Card Starter Guide for Beginners
  8. Dividend Investing for Beginners
  9. Credit Card Starter Guide for Beginners
  10. Buy, Sell, and Hold – An Introduction
  11. A Guide to Opening a Savings Account
  12. Online Kwentuhan: The Basics of Saving and Budgeting
  13. Special Housing Loan Restructuring
  14. Pwede ba ko mag-invest sa Bitcoin at Kumita
  15. 4 Shopping Tips for the Busy Workaholics
  16. 4 Reasons Why You Should Form A Better Habit
  17. 58th Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduate Message
  18. 58th Registered Financial Planner RFP Graduates
  19. How to Become a Registered Financial Planner
  20. 3 Successful Saving Techniques
  21. 3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Money
  22. 3 tips to manage and eliminate debt
  23. Networking: A Way Of Life

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