The Philippines’ top franchise opportunities for the post-Covid-19 era

The Philippines top franchise opportunities for the post-Covid-19 era -diarynigracia

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The Philippines_ top franchise opportunities-diarynigracia



Business, both new and old, must adjust to the reality of the post-pandemic economic landscape as cities begin to switch to the more lenient general community quarantine. For instance, many businesses have moved away from office work and toward remote employment, with the majority of employees now working from home. Additionally, people now primarily use internet services to fulfill their desires and requirements, with some eventually preferring them to traditional physical stores.


That doesn’t mean, though, that physical stores are obsolete; as shown by the number of customers who visited malls and other stores that have begun phasing in reopenings, they are still very much alive and well. However, the ways in which these businesses conduct their operations have been significantly altered by social distance metrics. For instance, businesses are urged to adopt contactless payment methods, and employees are now expected to wear protective equipment.

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All successful franchise once started from scratch. They took risks and tried. There is no sure formula to succeed because each franchisor has a different experience in his/her path to success. There are several strategies you can apply to your franchises. How you apply them and the result will differ from one franchise to another.


Every achievement begins with a decision to try and I think our intentions motivate us to act and then push ourselves to achieve our goals. We are able to accomplish our aim thanks to our intention.


Once you take that initial step, your dream starts to take shape more like reality.


Naturally, there is a chance of failure if you try. However, you shouldn’t let that deter you. In fact, it ought to inspire you to succeed even on your very first attempt. You can’t just let things slide when you’re trying, though. Give it your best effort on the first try. Do it correctly, and do it well. You won’t waste the opportunity if you do it this way.



  1. Courier Services



Delivery services are used by both households and businesses to transport vital supplies, documents, and other stuff. However, some couriers now find it more challenging to ship their goods across the nation as a result of the community quarantine. Due to these unavoidable delays, deliveries have slowed substantially.


On-demand delivery applications are a service that has been increasingly popular over the past few years in an effort to speed up delivery times. Additionally, when the pandemic’s effects cause more people to shop online, the demand for dependable couriers will persist as the new normal.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – PHP 50,000; Total Investment needed – PHP200,000 to PHP1,000,000 (varies on the delivery vehicle needed).


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Lalamove, Grab, Food Panda, 2Go Express, J&T express


Why franchise Courier Service?:

  1. Strong online presence ensures that demand won’t decline.
  2. You’ll receive commissions from deliveries that are assigned to your region as a franchisee.



Courier Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
LBC ExpressPHP 700,000 – PHP 1,000,000Available upon inquiry
2Go ExpressAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
LalamoveAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
GrabAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
Food PandaAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry



  1. Drugstores and Pharmacies

drug store and pharmacies-diarynigracia


Nothing can go wrong when building this company. Medicines and dietary supplements are constantly required by people.


However, as generic medications gain popularity among consumers, more people choose them since they are less expensive than branded medications. And for that reason, generic pharmacies might help you attract more clients. This franchise has a regular bundle price of around P400,000.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 210,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 600,000 varies depending on the size of the store and the inventory.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

            The Generics Pharmacy, Generika, Gamot Publiko, Southstar Drug


Why franchise Drugstores and Pharmacies?

  1. A necessity that will never change is medicine.
  2. Generic medications are more widely available in most pharmacy franchises.


Drugstores and Pharmacies Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
The Generics PharmacyPHP 150,000PHP 674,000
Gamot PublikoPHP 160,000PHP 600,000
Southstar DrugPHP 99,000PHP 700,000 – PHP 1,100,000
Farmacia Ni DokPHP 99,000 – PHP 149,000PHP 399,000 – PHP1,900,000
GenerikaAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry



  1. Mini-Groceries and Convenience Stores

Mini-groceries and convenience stores-diarynigracia


More Filipinos are opting to stock up on groceries and prepare their meals at home as a result of numerous dine-in and take-out companies closing down during the quarantine period. This has led to a significant increase in client demand at several supermarket stores. While existing businesses continue to adjust to the new normal, aspiring entrepreneurs may feel hesitant about starting a business, especially during these trying times. However, given the need to practice social distance within store premises, groceries are required to limit the number of people they let in at any time. But a downturn in the economy is actually a favorable moment to do so, as history has repeatedly demonstrated.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 200,000 to PHP 1,000,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 3,000,000 to PHP 5,000,000 varies depending on the brand name, size of the store, and inventory.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

            Ministop, 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Magnolia Chicken Station, Alfamart


Why franchise Mini-Groceries and Convenience Stores?

  1. Food and other essentials of life will always be in demand.
  2. You can serve a larger market thanks to the wide selection of items.


Mini-Groceries and Convenience Store Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
MinistopPHP 600,000PHP 3,000,000
7-ElevenPHP 600,000PHP 3,500,000 – PHP 5,000,000
Family MartPHP 500,000PHP 4,000,000 – PHP 8,000,000
Magnolia Chicken StationPHP 200,000PHP 2,300,000
MontereyPHP 336,000PHP 1,500,000 – PHP 2,800,000
Save on SurplusPHP 200,000PHP 1,500,000 – PHP 2,500,000
AlfamartAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry



  1. Financial Services

Financial Services-diarynigracia


Franchises that provide financial services aid in both the sending and receiving of money as well as the payment of bills. Franchises in financial services played a key role in this expansion because during the lockdowns, Filipinos used them to transmit money to family members and pay debts. Digital payments should continue to be a lucrative business potential as they have gained popularity among Filipinos as a means of payment.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 100,000; Total Investment needed– from PHP 150,000 to PHP 400,000, depending on the store setup.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

            Bayad Center, Western Union, ML Kwarta Padala Express, Express Pay


Why franchise Financial Services?

  1. There will always be a demand because individuals deal with money and transactions on a regular basis.
  2. It is a straightforward enterprise without any sophisticated or pricey machinery.


Financial Services Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
Bayad CenterPHP 350,000PHP 350,000
Western UnionAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
ML Kwarta Padala ExpressPHP 25,000PHP 99,000
Express PayPHP 154,000 – PHP 308,000Available upon inquiry
Palawan PawnshopAvailable upon inquiryPHP 99,000



  1. Education



Academic enrichment for kids, both online and offline, is popular nowadays. Parents want to register their kids in tutorial or enrichment classes to keep them from continually staring at their device’s screen.


Franchise investment starts at P50,000. Some educational franchises might not be accessible in your location because this industry is still in growth. You can seize the chance and start talking to eager pupils and supportive parents.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 60,000; Total Investment – from PHP 350,000 to PHP 2,000,000, depending on whether you have an existing structure to establish your franchise.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Kumon, Aloha, Tinker House, The Reading Station, Ahead Learning System inc.


Why Franchise Education?

  1. Parents and students will always want to use education to ensure a bright future.
  2. It is worthwhile and fulfilling to assist young people in achieving their goals.


Education Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
KumonPHP 60,480PHP 600,000 – PHP 800,000
Tinker HousePHP 250,000PHP 800,000 – PHP 1,000,000
The Reading StationPHP 400,000PHP 400,000 – PHP 800,000
Ahead Learning System Inc.Available upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
Brickz 4 KidzPHP 280,000PHP 566,000 – PHP 983,000
Nutty ScientistAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
Seriously Addictive MathematicsPHP 300,000PHP 350,000 – PHP 800,000
Gymboree Play&Music PhilippinesPHP 4,000,000 – PHP 7,000,000PHP 6,147,636 – PHP 14,167,823



  1. Water Services

water services-diarynigracia


Since most locations lack clean flowing water from their home’s faucets, clean, drinkable water is a necessity. The primary sources of accessible, hygienic, and secure drinking water for Filipinos, especially those who live in cities, are water stations. They deliver huge water bottles that meet the requirements specified by the Department of Health.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 100,000; Total Investment – from PHP 600,000 to PHP 700,000, depending on the water source.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Aquabest, Living Water, Aquahealth, Crystal Clear, Bluewaters Water Station


Why Franchise Water Services?

Water is always in demand because it is an essential good; additionally, it is a simple industry where just customer interactions and water quality need to be considered.


Water Services Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
AquabestPHP 100,000PHP 500,000
Living WaterAvailable upon inquiryPHP 250,000
AquahealthAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry
Crystal ClearAvailable upon inquiryPHP 600,000
Bluewaters Water StationPHP 80,000 – PHP 148,000Available upon inquiry
Aquasoft WatersAvailable upon inquiryPHP 400,000
H2O Mineral PlusPHP 50,000 – PHP 100,000PHP 250,000 – PHP 580,000



  1. Fast food and Restaurants

fast food and restaurants-diarynigracia


People enjoy eating, and it is normal for them to visit fast-food restaurants to satisfy their hunger. Fast food establishments make and serve meals more quickly than usual, and the majority of their offerings are reasonably priced.


Since the 1980’s, it has continued to expand with the arrival of foreign fast-food franchises. The majority of franchises have a minimum investment requirement of P300,000, but if you have the funds and the ideal location, it can be worth it.


Due to the dedicated dining area they provide as well as the fact that they offer a wider selection of food and beverage options than kiosks, restaurants are a food service business that occupies a big floor area. With over a thousand locations, Jollibee is arguably the most popular local restaurant chain to date.



Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 350,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 500,000, depending on your store type and brand.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Jollibee, McDonald’s, Greenwich, Chowking, Tokyo Tokyo, Shakeys, Angel’s Pizza, Chic-Boy, Bonchon,


Why Franchise Fast Food and Restaurants Services?

  1. Demand for food will never go away.
  2. You only need to handle your delivery and keep the quality of your food up in this straightforward company.


Fast Food and Restaurants Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
JollibeeAvailable upon inquiryPHP 35,000,000 – PHP 55,000,000
McDonald’sPHP 1,150,000PHP 45,000,000 – PHP 60,000,000
GreenwichPHP 815,000PHP 20,000,000 – PHP 25,000,000
ChowkingPHP 1,000,000PHP 13,000,000 – PHP 15,000,000
Tokyo TokyoPHP 1,200,000PHP 10,000,000
ShakeysPHP 1,500,000 – PHP 2,200,000PHP 18,000,000
Angel’s PizzaPHP 1,500,000PHP 11,000,000 – PHP 12,500,000
Chic-BoyPHP 950,000PHP 5,000,000 – PHP 6,000,000
BonchonPHP 40,000PHP 516,994 – PHP 1,097,419
Yellow CabPHP 1,025,000PHP 10,000,000 – PHP 12,000,000
Mang InasalPHP 1,200,000PHP 12,000,000 – PHP 18,000,000
Gerry’s GrillPHP 3,000,000Available upon inquiry
Ineng Special BBQPHP 350,000PHP 2,500,000 – PHP 3,500,000
BinalotPHP 600,000 – PHP 700,000Available upon inquiry
Hen LinPHP 224,000PHP 500,000
Samgyeopsal HousePHP 500,000PHP 6,500,000 – PHP 7,500,000
Jay-J’s Grill PHP 500,000PHP 500,000 – PHP 6,500,000
Esting’s BellychonPHP 550,000Available upon inquiry
Wendy’sPHP 2,000,000Available upon inquiry


  1. Home Services

home services-diarynigracia


Due to people choosing to perform the majority of their own home care, businesses providing these services, such as laundromats, cleaners, and handymen, were severely impacted during the lockdown. But as work moved into the home as well, people found themselves with less free time to complete household tasks. Franchises that managed to persevere and offer mobile, delivery, and other practical choices for home care started to flourish once more.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 250,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 750,000 to PHP 2,000,000, depending on the store size and the number of equipment.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Save 5, Quicklean, Suds Laundry, Clean Zone PH


Why Franchise Home Services?

  1. People will always require domestic services like cleaning and washing.
  2. Even throughout the pandemic and lockdowns, the industry has shown resiliency despite being a “comfort” service.


Home Services Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
Save 5PHP 188,000PHP 1,120,000 – PHP 2,180,000
QuickleanPHP 336,000PHP 3,000,000
Suds LaundryAvailable upon inquiryPhp 1,500,000
Clean Zone PHPHP 250,000PHP 250,000 – PHP 750,000



  1. Petroleum and Gas Stations

petroleum and gas stations-diarynigracia


Gas is another essential item, particularly for people who drive. A new gas station will be profitable, given the increase in vehicle ownership. LPG tanks for residential and commercial clients are mostly sold by regional franchises that deal with petroleum goods. Start off with P100,000 to fund your franchise.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 100,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 335,000 to PHP 6,000,000, depending on the fuel source and facility.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Shell, Petron, Brent Gas, Seaoil Gas Station, M-Gas, Phoenix LPG


Why Franchise Petroleum and Gas Stations?

  1. Gas is an essential item for daily living.
  2. Profitable given the increase in vehicle ownership.


Petroleum and Gas Stations Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
ShellAvailable upon inquiryPHP 3,000,000 – PHP 5,000,000
PetronPHP 100,000PHP 1,000,000 – PHP 2,500,000
Brent GasPHP 168,000PHP 600,000
Seaoil Gas StationPHP 250,000Available upon inquiry
M-GasPHP 100,000PHP 335,000 – PHP 370,000
Phoenix LPGPHP 100,000PHP 620,000 – PHP 1,000,000



  1. Pet Services

pet services-diarynigracia


Because pet owners chose to have their purchases delivered to their homes during the lockdown, pet retailers experienced a spike in sales. In fact, pet shops typically see increases in sales even when the economy is weak. This is due to the fact that owners frequently choose to sacrifice their own standard of living in order to protect the welfare of their pets. Because pet stores typically remain successful regardless of the state of the economy, you might want to consider opening a franchise in this industry.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 50,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 120,000 to PHP 2,000,000, depending on the size of the store and inventory.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

One Fab Pooch, Pet Express


Why Franchise Pet Services?

  1. Demand for pet food from pet owners will never go away.
  2. You only need to handle your delivery and keep the quality of your pet food products.


Pet Services Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
Save 5PHP 400,000PHP 1,500,000 – PHP 2,000,000
QuickleanPHP 50,000PHP 50,000



  1. Automotive and Car Washes

automotive and car washes-diarynigracia

It’s common for car owners to be short on time. Another problem is not having a dedicated location at home to wash your automobile. These days, car wash services are in high demand, and you may have them for a minimal investment of P250,000.


Franchises for automotive maintenance provide repair facilities for vehicle-manufacturing brands by offering a reasonably priced but high-quality substitute. There are stores that solely focus on selling automobiles and other automotive services, such as car washes, are also offered.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 50,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 300,000 to PHP 7,000,000 depending on the size of the facility and types of equipments.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Mr. Clean, Motech, Rapide, Cycle House, Tommy Express


Why Franchise Automotive and Car Washes?

  1. Car owners’ usual problem is not having a dedicated location at home to wash their automobiles.
  2. In the Philippines, there were 1.13 Million registered private vehicles.


Automotive and Car Washes Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
Mr. CleanPHP 1,785,280PHP 2,417,500 – PHP 3,271,000
MotechPHP 1,500,000PHP 1,500,000
RapidePHP 1,450,000PHP 4,000,000 – PHP 7,000,000
Cycle HousePHP 50,000PHP 298,000
Tommy ExpressPHP 2,500,000Available upon inquiry
Speed1 CarwashPHP 400,000PHP 4,100,000
Niceday CarwashPHP 395,000Available upon inquiry



  1. Vending and Service Machines

vending machines-diarynigracia


Franchises that use technology make life simpler by promoting services requiring little human intervention. It is practical for you and the customer who needs the goods or services you provide. You can open your own franchise for a vending and service machine if you have P20,000.


Vending machines dispense different food and drinks depending on the customer’s selection. Service machines are digital devices that may be installed anywhere there is access to electricity and phone lines. They are typically connected to the internet. The majority of the time, consumers use them to pay their bills, buy phone credits, or buy digital goods.


Estimated Cost:

Franchise Fee – from PHP 20,000; Total Investment needed – from PHP 40,000 to PHP 100,000, depending on the type of machine and items inside.


Examples of Franchise Brands:

Touch Pay, Western Union.


Why Franchise Vending and Service Machines?

  1. It is convenient both for you and the consumer who need the product or services you offer.
  2. With a little capital, you can have your own franchise and service machine.


Vending and Service Machine Franchise Cost Estimation:

Name of BusinessFranchise FeeTotal Investment
Touch PayAvailable upon inquiryPHP 350,000
Western UnionAvailable upon inquiryAvailable upon inquiry




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