5 Inspirational Tips from Ms. Ronnielly Demafeliz: A Household Worker Who Became Top 10 Overall Middle East SPLE -Licensure Examination for Teachers


As I write this to you, I wish you all the best and good luck in taking the SPLE.

Ronniely V. Demafeliz


The Path to the Special Professional Licensure Examination

 The Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), the Board Examination for Teachers, has the largest number of yearly examinees. The PRC conducts the exam twice a year to accommodate the growing number of aspiring professional teachers.


But for us OFWs who want to take the board exam known as the Special Professional Licensure Examination, or SPLE, the 2023 SPLE was held under Executive Order No. 835, s. 2009, directing the Professional Regulation Commission and other concerned government agencies through the Department of Labor and Employment to conduct yearly SPLE board examinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and other Middle East countries, including Kuwait, for the benefit of qualified overseas Filipino workers. It is a once-a-year opportunity for us to file for this exam. Usually, PRC personnel conduct the SPLE specifically in April, including in the Middle East this year of 2023, in various disciplines and different testing centers. It is made for us Filipino professionals who want to get a professional license in their particular disciplines but are currently working or living overseas.



      As I can recall, it was January 26, 2023, when I was scrolling through my Facebook page; I was surprised when the PRC page announced that they would be conducting SPLE in various testing centers, including Kuwait. It is said that the examination will be on April 22, 23, and 24, 2023. The deadline for submission of the requirements was February 6, 2023, but it was extended until February 12.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†I started to prepare all the needed documents.¬† I was excited because it’s a once-a-year opportunity for us (applicants) to take the board exam, especially for me, a household worker with a 2-year contract. I never hesitated to file for the exam, even though my employer had this little hesitance. I just kept on praying that everything would be fine. Miraculously, everything goes with the flow.¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†All the examinees must file an online application through the PRC’s online portal, the Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS). In short, you must create an account in LERIS before filling out an application.


Important information needed before registering for SPLE:

  • Mobile number¬†
  • Email address¬†
  • Digital ID picture (collar attire, ¬† ¬†white background,¬† size 2×2, with name tag)
  • Personal information such as name,¬† ¬† address,¬† school, university graduation, etc.

Here is a detailed video on how to apply for the SPLE

Video credited from TSOK Officers 2024 with official page Teachers-Specialist Organization in Kuwait  TSOK


After gathering the necessary documents, here is what Demafeliz had to do:

As one of the aspiring professionals who wants to teach in a Philippine public school, taking the LET is a must. So when I saw the PRC posted on their Facebook page about the upcoming SPLE in the Middle East for an OFW to be conducted by the PRC (Philippine Regulation Commission) of the Philippines, I never hesitated to apply online at www.prc.gov.ph, where I filled out an application form and did a payment transaction online. But first, you have to create your LERIS account on www.prc.gov.ph. LERIS, meaning Licensure ¬†Examinations and Registration Information System,” serves as the official online portal of the Philippine Regulatory Commission that expedites the application and payment for various licensure examinations and renewals. You must have an email and password so that you can sign in to your account and fill out the needed information. You can now set an appointment and select a payment method wherein I pay about 2,200 pesos to process my transaction, and afterward, I print my document, which is an application form. (Link to how to pay with GCash.)



  • The application process starts with accessing the PRC’s official website (www.prc.gov.ph) and creating an account.
    1. Choose register and click the I agree button to start filling out your registration form.
    2. Fill in the required information, such as full name, gender, civil status, date of birth, email, and password, to register an account. (Take note that you should remember your email and password; you always need them to sign in to your account in LERIS for any transactions related to this matter.)
  • After successfully registering, input your email and password to sign in.
You can find the PRC website through Google
     Official PRC website 


¬†¬†But if you already have an account from the past, like me, I was supposed to take an exam in October 2022 during my vacation in the Philippines; however, a day before the exam, I was admitted to the hospital for five days due to a viral infection. That time, I was so depressed and felt sorry that I never got a chance to take the board exam. I’ve just told myself that God’s plan is always better than ours.

       Using my email and password, I proceeded directly to sign in, went to my profile, and started filling out the necessary information. After completing the form, I paid the corresponding fees of about 2,200 pesos via g-cash.


Sample Receipt

You may also choose any preferred payment options. Once payment is confirmed, my application form is ready to print, so I went to my existing transaction and printed my application form. I also put a thumb mark and signature on my application form.

I already have my application form, so I gathered the rest of the needed documents.

As with many other licensure examinations, a small application fee will be required. The application will cost 2,200 PHP. You may also choose your mode of payment through their website. These payments will be used to organize and process your application. Learn how to pay online using Gcash and Paymaya here.


Here are some documents required by the PRC:

Required Documents

I stored all my files in Google Drive, a cloud-based storage service that enables users to store and access files. When done, I send the link to the Teachers and Kuwait Specialists Organization officer in Kuwait, or TSOK. 

A day later, they asked if I could send another soft copy of my documents because it was unclear. They told me and taught me how to use a cam scanner, a tool that lets you convert, recognize, and improve the productivity of any printed documents. So I downloaded the apps first, scanned all my papers, and sent them the copies again. So luckily, they accepted it because  I did it right this time.

       I also joined the Teachers / Specialists Organization in Kuwait, or TSOK. As a new member, I must pay an incidental membership fee of 35 KD. The payment was given to our TSOK officers. I am glad and honored to be a member of this organization. 



I also became a member of the Teachers and Specialists Organization in Kuwait, or TSOK. As a new member, I’m required to pay an incidental membership fee of 35 KD. The payment was given to our TSOK officers. I am glad and honored to be a member of this organization.¬†


As Miss Demafeliz was positioned as a household worker in Kuwait, TSOK was able to help complete her documents. As TSOK is an organization that helps aspiring licensed teachers, they also must help guide these aspirants in the SPLE. 



Fee description


¬†As a household worker who wants to take the SPLE, it is not quite easy; it is challenging because I need the approval of my employer. Some of us requested a permission letter to be addressed to our employer to let us go out for the evaluation and examination day. Our Philippine Professional Organization’s President, Miss Nova Fructuoso Mationg, gave the aforementioned letter.


The incidental fee and membership fee help sustain the organization’s humanitarian efforts. Permission letters can also be provided once an applicant has finished registration. These permission letters can be submitted to their respective employers to notify them of their preparation for the upcoming examination.



Notice of Admission

After 2 weeks of waiting, I was very happy because I received my Notice of Admission, or NOA, in my account on LERIS. It means that the PRC has approved my application for the board exam.


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† So this is it: I have my NOA. There’s no turning back. I started to focus on my review. These days are the most critical and challenging for me to balance my time between work and studies because this month was the month of RAMADAN. We all know that we (the household workers) worked restlessly during this month. I finished my work late at night, but I ensured I had time to review until 4 am. It was a tiring day, but I never gave up because I had a goal to pass the board exam, not just for myself but also for my parents and loved ones, who deserve happiness and not disappointments.¬†

       After filling out an application for SPLE, I have 2 months, or 60 days, to review. So, I started by creating a study plan for which subjects or topics I needed to study. I wrote it down to have a guide while doing a self-review. 

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†I also paid for an online review/drill; our TSOK treasurer encouraged us to do this online review. It’s a final drill in general and professional education subjects. But it is sad to say that I never attended the drills due to workloads. When I have free time, I watch recorded videos. It helps me a lot to pass the board exam.

  One should take a board exam to be a certified, licensed professional. To pass, one should undergo a thorough review. So do I. I focused on self-review, and I spent 2 hours daily reading my reviewers.



On your LERIS account, the PRC will send you your notice of admission (NOA). Please remember your account details. These will be important in processing and completing your application for the SPLE. The letter may be sent in 10 working days or 2 weeks. 

Here is a detailed example of how to apply for the LERIS

LERIS-Online-Step-by-Step-Procedure-v8 (2)

Preparing While Working, Balancing Job and Studies, Resources Used

After filling out an application for SPLE, I have 2 months, or 60 days, to review. So I started by creating a study plan for the subjects or topics I needed to study. I wrote it down so I have a guide while doing a self-review. 

As aspiring teachers prepare for their examinations, review centers may also help by providing comprehensive review tactics to help them pass the examination. TSOK gave good recommendations for helping aspirants in their educational journey. 

     One should take a board exam to be a certified, licensed professional. To pass, one should undergo a thorough review. So do I. I focused on self-review and spent 2 hours daily reading my reviewers. 

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†On April¬† 19, 20, and 21, SPLE applicants were scheduled to go to the embassy to verify or validate documents. I decided to go to the embassy the next day, April 20, because I know that most applicants will go on the first day of evaluation, or we can say that it will be very crowded. So, as a domestic helper, I¬† don’t have much time to stay outside longer because I still have a lot of work waiting for me when I come home.

       I brought along with me the original and photocopies of all my documents. I  was nervous then because I was going to meet the PRC personnel. They came to Kuwait for the evaluation day and stayed until the SPLE was completed. I remember that day as I went upstairs. My heart was beating so fast, but simultaneously, I was excited to get my papers all set and done. I presented all my documents to the PRC personnel led by Director Reynaldo D. Agcaoili.

Verification of documents:

The PRC may schedule a day for them to verify your documents in person. Always be wary of announcements from either TSOK or PRC themselves. According to Miss Demafeliz, her evaluation went smoothly. 

Announcement from 2023

And thank God for our kind PRC personnel for ensuring the evaluation day ran smoothly. It took only 10 minutes because I was the only applicant then. So it’s just a very quick day for me.

 Not panicking is easier said, but as exam day is fast approaching, I feel nervous and stressed because of workloads and sleepless nights.  And tomorrow is a big day! It will be the examination day. I packed up all the things needed for the exam. A few days before the exam, our PPO President posted the requirements and things we needed to bring on the examination day, and we should wear proper attire with our TSOK uniform ( red polo shirt ).



To read more current announcements, click here.


  • NOA ( Notice of Admission)
  • 2 pencils (No. 2)
  • black pen
  • sharpener



Lastly, before coming to this point, pray. Pray hard and tell Him all about your plans, and He is always listening.


While taking the exam


¬†‚ÄúThe long wait is over. After a month of preparation, exam day has finally come, and I’m ready for it. The fear or any doubt I have in mind, I surrender to God before I enter the testing center in the Millennium Center, Kuwait Downtown Hotel in Sharq, Dasman, Kuwait City. I must show myself that I am capable of passing the exam because I know that true success starts from within. You need to believe in yourself that you can do it.‚ÄĚ


       I went there before 6 am, and we all gathered in the hotel lobby to check the attendance first. We took group pictures as a souvenir. Exactly at 7:30, we went downstairs ( B2 ), wherein the PRC will conduct the exam. As we reached there, all was well prepared; everybody was there already: PRC personnel,  our PPO officers, and proctors who would assist us during the board exam. 

       I know that not everything  I studied will come out in the actual board exam. So, you must follow the instructions,  read the questions carefully, and comprehend them to get the answers correctly.  One more thing that is very helpful is underlining clue words; it will guide you to find the correct answers. If you are unsure of your answer, follow your instinct. What comes to mind first might be the correct one.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†When you feel tired and if nerves attack while answering, rest, relax, and start to answer again. You have to monitor the time to finish answering within the time limit. And lastly,¬† the best thing to do is to pray because God hears our prayers, and surely He will get you through it and grant your heart’s desire to pass the board exam because nothing is impossible if you truly trust Him.


After taking the exam and passing it,

“After passing the board exam, I need to claim my certificate of passing and rating as well as my license. A PRC would be documentary proof that the holder is a registered professional in the Philippines and has the legal authority to practice his or her profession. These documents are also needed when you are applying for SPIMS (Sa Pinas Ikaw ang Ma’am at Sir), one of the reintegration programs for LET exam passers so that they can go back home to the Philippines and work as teachers in the Philippine public schools.‚ÄĚ


¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Our PPO¬† officers, led by PPO/TSOK President Miss Nova Fructouso Mationg, met with the MWO ( Migrant Workers Office), formerly known as the Philippine Overseas¬† Labor Office (POLO), regarding our concerns on how to process our licensed I’d. We’re just waiting for their updates because the MWO will still need to communicate with the¬† PRC.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†After several days of waiting, Ma’am¬† Nova posted an announcement on our group chat in WhatsApp that she had already talked to the personnel of¬† PRC, allowing us to process our PRC I’d in the PRC Regional office in Lucky China Town. At the same time, we must fill out a registry sheet with a thumbprint and signature and hand it personally to our PPO/TSOK President as soon as possible because she still needs to send it to the Philippines to process our PRC I’DS.¬† We should also do an initial registration on our account on LERIS l, wherein we need to pay about 1,050 pesos for the registration. You can choose any payment option, like G-Cash or Paymaya. After the successful transaction, we must send the receipt to the PPO/TSOK President.¬†



  • Panunumpa Form
  • NOA ( Notice of Admission)
  • Picture with name, white¬†¬†¬†¬†


  • Authentication letter¬†
  • Attended E- oath
  • Professional Registry Sheet


       If you are working abroad and you can take your PRC ID to the Philippines, as stated in the PRC guidelines, if the applicant is unable to claim their documents personally, they may send an authorized representative to claim his / her documents, provided they meet the following requirements:

  • your valid I’d ( scanned/ coloured)
  • claim slip ( original / scanned )
  • signed authorization letter¬†

          ( scanned )

       Your representative should also present his / her PRC ID and may be asked to provide a photocopy.


The Final Message of Ms. Ronniely: 

Dear LET Examinee:

My story is a testament to the unwavering spirit of resilience and the unyielding belief in the power of dreams. The relentless pursuit of knowledge and the beacon of hope helped illuminate the difficult journey of juggling household worker duties with the demanding licensure examination requirements.

As you prepare for the board exam, remember that every late night, every moment of doubt, and every sacrifice has been a stepping stone towards this very moment. Your chosen path is noble, for as educators, you hold the torch that enlightens minds and shapes the future.

Embrace this challenge with the conviction that within you lies an indomitable spirit capable of overcoming any hurdle. Let the knowledge you have acquired be your armor and your passion for teaching be your guiding light.

May you confidently approach the board exams, armed with the wisdom of your experiences and the depth of your understanding. Remember, success is not solely defined by the outcome but by the courage to persevere and the strength to believe in your potential.

As you embark on this pivotal journey, know you are not alone. Your dedication inspires, your resilience empowers, and your commitment to education shapes the destiny of countless lives. Together, we are not just teachers but architects of the future, champions of knowledge, and beacons of hope.


With warmest regards and best wishes,






Iloilo State of College of Fisheries, Dumangas 




A Gentle Reminder 

Please note that the fees or any associated details above are subject to change as needed. I kindly request that you remain vigilant and updated regarding any alterations in the fee structure in the further announcements on the official pages mentioned.

Furthermore, we urge everyone to adhere strictly to the instructions provided by the respective organizations and authorities. Any changes in procedures or guidelines will be communicated promptly to you.

If there are any questions or corrections, kindly send me a message on my page directly. 

I stand to be Corrected.



A special thank you 

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Ronniely for taking the time to participate in the recent interview. Your insights and perspectives were valuable, and I greatly appreciate your effort in sharing your experiences and knowledge throughout the journey.
Your responses provided invaluable insights into all our household workers who have the same dreams as you. I am happy that your journey will contribute significantly to our Filipino community.
A heartfelt thank you to our TSOK FAMILY from our co-founders, past presidents, members, all officers, and current officers.
To our PPO Kuwait, who stand with TSOK, our Philippine Embassy, MWO, and the Kuwait Government.
 To the esteemed  Teachers Specialist Organization Kuwait TSOK founders, past and present presidents, officers, and members, and the Philippine Professional Organization PPO, your vision, leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence have laid a strong foundation for professional growth and collaboration. Your efforts have significantly contributed to our collective success, and for this, we are profoundly grateful. 
To our Philippine Government, Philippine Embassy, and MWO: I extend our sincerest appreciation to the Philippine Government for your pivotal role in supporting and facilitating our endeavors. Your policies and assistance have been crucial in providing us with the opportunities to engage in meaningful dialogues and collaborations, enhancing the impact of our work.
To the Kuwait government, I express our deep gratitude for your hospitality and collaboration. Your support has been instrumental in creating a conducive environment for our activities, allowing us to achieve our goals and foster stronger bonds of cooperation between our nations.
To our loved ones and most to our HEAVENLY Father, who weaves everything accordingly.
This message endeavors to encapsulate gratitude towards all parties involved, recognizing their unique contributions while looking forward to future collaborations.


The journey towards enhancing the SPLE and supporting the teacher specialist organization in Kuwait, TSOK, is a collective endeavor that requires the participation and support of the entire educational and Filipino community. We empower our educators by advocating for these causes and ensuring their continued commitment to our Heavenly Father and brethren. ¬†It’s a call to action for everyone involved in education and community services‚ÄĒlet’s work together to advocate for the betterment of our educators and the future of Filipino families.
For the love of TSOK and fellow educators by sharing success stories and highlighting the importance of life challenges as OFWs. Everyone can contribute to the collective effort to enhance Filipino educators’ professional standing and global recognition.
Thank you. 



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Peace and love to you.

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