TSOK Logo: The Mighty Pillars That Build Strong Foundations



The logo of TSOK holds significant symbolism and importance. Its center features a design reminiscent of chalk, a nod to the favored teaching tool of Filipino educators for its effectiveness in conveying lessons clearly. This choice reflects the organization’s commitment to employing educational methods that aid student comprehension and note-taking. The combination of the Kuwaiti and Filipino flags within it underscores the strong partnership and dedication to excellence shared between the two nations. Furthermore, the inclusion of the establishment year, 2014, signifies the organization’s history and progress since its inception. The circular shape of it acts as a unifying element, seamlessly blending these symbolic components to encapsulate TSOK’s mission of promoting quality education and fostering collaboration within the Filipino community in Kuwait.

Components of the logo

  • The logo’s center features a chalk-inspired design, representing the mineral calcite commonly used by Filipino teachers when writing on blackboards.
  • Filipino teachers prefer chalk because it helps students follow the lesson and take notes comfortably.
  • The flags of Kuwait and the Philippines are combined to symbolize a strong partnership and commitment to excellence.
  • The year of TSOK’s establishment, 2014, is marked within the logo.
  • Lastly, the circular shape of the logo serves as a unifying element, bringing all of these components together.


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