The Remarkable Success of TSOK’s Decade Anniversary Event – 5 Highlights You Might Have Missed

The Remarkable Success of TSOK's Decade Anniversary Event – 5 Highlights You Might Have Missed



“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” 

1 Corinthians 15:58

As one of the co-founders and the designated biographer of the Teachers Specialists Organization in Kuwait (TSOK), I am thrilled to recount the remarkable success of TSOK’s Decade Anniversary celebration. This milestone event highlighted the dedication and hard work of our members and officers throughout the past decade, showcasing TSOK’s journey and aspirations for the future. In documenting this event, I will share my experiences behind the scenes as well as the event itself.


The Event’s Success and Coordination

The main event coordinator and esteemed TSOK president, Ms. Maricel Manalo, put in much time and effort to make the event successful alongside the current TSOK administration. With a budget of 100–150 KD, she skillfully managed all critical aspects, from corresponding with sponsors and organizing giveaways to booking hotel accommodations and creating the event program. Her unwavering dedication, along with the support of the 2024 TSOK officers, ensured a flawlessly executed TSOK Anniversary Event that has perfectly captured and honored a decade-worth of accomplishments and unwavering service.

Event Expenses

The remarkable success of TSOK’s Decade Anniversary Event was made possible through our members and organizers’ dedicated efforts and thoughtful contributions. Here’s a breakdown of the expenses, each representing a labor of love:

  • Event Coordination: 100–150 KD
  • DIY Lanyards: 35–50 KD
  • Stage Setup: 65–75 KD
  • Photographers and Photo Booth: 80–100 KD
  • TSOK Commemorative Magazine: 300–400 KD
  • Ribbons for Magazine: 12 KD for 5 meters
  • Magazine Bookmarks and Giveaways: 50+ KD
  • Master of Ceremonies: 30–50 KD


Event Decorations and Ambiance

The TSOK Anniversary Event was a magnificent masquerade ball, meticulously organized to reflect the Teachers Specialists Organization’s spirit and values as it celebrated a decade of excellent service. The event was held at the Carlton Tower Hotel, overlooking the beautiful sunrise over Kuwait City with a breathtaking seaside view. The elegant and inviting atmosphere provided the perfect setting for a memorable occasion. The buffet was exceptional; the delicious food arrived promptly, ensuring guests could enjoy their meals at the ideal temperature. The servers were courteous and attentive, providing impeccable service throughout the event. The food and ambiance added to the overall positive experience, making the evening enjoyable for everyone present.

The TSOK members made DIY handmade lanyards with their labor of love; around 10 pieces were crafted, which cost 35–50 Kuwaiti dinars. The intricate designs and clear attention to detail symbolized the unity and effort that continue to bind the TSOK family together. The stage, which was set up with a budget of 65–75 KD, was a labor of love from the TSOK officers, most notably with the magic hands of Ms. Liezle Quitiol. It was a visual delight with elegant balloons and thematic decorations, setting the perfect mood for the night of celebrations.

The professional photographers from TECHNO CHANNEL, who were hired for 80–100 KD, skillfully captured the essence of the evening by taking high-quality photos and videos. They also set up a fun photo booth, showcasing their keen eye for detail and artistic approach. Their expertise ensured that every meaningful moment was beautifully documented, guaranteeing that the memories would be cherished for decades to come. 


Event Highlights

TSOK Commemorative Magazine

At the event, one of the most remarkable highlights was the unveiling of the TSOK Commemorative Magazine. This magazine is a labor of love that beautifully encapsulates a decade of dedicated service. As the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, I, Ms. Gracia Amor, meticulously oversaw its creation (from editing to layout) to ensure that it properly captured the essence of TSOK’s journey, which cost 300–400 KD to create.

The magazine features stories, photographs, and testimonials that chronicle our organization’s milestones, achievements, and the unwavering commitment of TSOK presidents, TSOK officers, and members. The TSOK commemorative magazine is wrapped in ribbons priced at 12 KD for 5 meters, and each copy includes a special magnetic bookmark and a small surprise commemorative giveaway gift (amounting to more than 50 KD), making it a special present for every TSOK member who has acquired one. The proceeds of the TSOK commemorative magazine sales will support a TSOK co-founder who is facing health complications. I am personally grateful to those who have contributed to this donation, and may God bless those in need. 

Three copies of the magazine were distributed to TSOK officers and members, such as Ms. Reymma, Ms. Liezle, and Ms. Kate. Additionally, four copies were given away to selected guests, including the public, government officials, and embassy officials in attendance, as well as the Carlton Tower Hotel. This publication serves as a tangible reminder of TSOK’s impact and a source of inspiration for future generations.


Master of Ceremonies

The wonderful MCs for the evening, Ms. Kate, former 2023 TSOK Officer, and Ms. Liezle were the driving force behind the event’s success. Their charisma and warmth brought extra magic to the celebration, making the evening unforgettable. Their labor of love, which costs 30–50 KD, shone through in the seamless flow of the program and their captivating presence.


Arrival and Socialization

The evening’s schedule began with arrivals and introductions, then “TSOK Through the Years,” a nostalgic photo collage. This segment served as a great reminder of our humble beginnings and significant achievements and set the scene for a night of reminiscing about the good times and acknowledging TSOK’s hard work and effort throughout the years. After the opening prayer and the rendition of the Philippine national anthem, the reading of the TSOK mission and vision reaffirmed our commitment to educational excellence and community service.


Acknowledging Accomplishments

The highlight of the evening was the TSOK project presentation, which showcased TSOK’s ongoing initiatives and plans. Following that, Hon. Jose Cabrera III, the Philippine ambassador to Kuwait, who was unfortunately absent from the event, delivered an inspiring video message in which he praised TSOK for its essential work in bridging cultural and educational divides.


Exciting Performances and Inspiring Speeches

Intermissions featured soulful performances, including “Ikaw” by Mr. Manuel Racoma and an energetic dance by Ms. Nenelyn, Ms. Liezl, Ms. Alea, Ms. Restie, and Ms. Marisol, adding a vibrant energy to the evening. TSOK’s esteemed co-founders, Ms. Flora Acman, Mr. Honesto Doctolero, Ms. Dahlia, and Ms. Gracia Amor (the historian and biographer of TSOK and Editor-in-Chief of the TSOK commemorative magazine), shared inspirational messages and recounted the rich history of TSOK, stirring deep emotions and pride among the attendees. In addition, former TSOK president Mr. Jan Rae Lanante joined online to convey his warm regards to TSOK.

The guest speech by MWO Asst. Labor Attaché, Hon. Cathrine Duladul, and the heartfelt messages from TSOK’s past presidents and topnotchers further solidified the organization’s warm feelings towards the TSOK Presidents, Officers, and members that helped build TSOK into the beloved organization we know today. Their words of wisdom and encouragement underscored the significance of TSOK’s mission and vision. As one of the co-founders of TSOK, I will always be proud of how this organization turned out to be and the bright future we are all working towards.


Enjoyable Celebrations and Activities

The atmosphere in the event was exciting as the videoke singing contest kicked off, with participants showcasing their talent and passion. Laughter and cheers filled the air, creating a sense of joy among the contestants. A symbolic cake-cutting ceremony to commemorate a decade of accomplishments followed, which was cut by the previous president, Ms. Nova Fructuoso Mationg, co-founders, Ms. Flora Acman and Ms. Gracia Amor, as well as the current TSOK president, Ms. Maricel Manalo. The dinner and raffle draw brought excitement and a sense of togetherness as everyone eagerly anticipated the gift-giving and the possibility of winning prizes.

Our vivacious game masters, Mr. Loreto Athens Ortiz and Mr. Daninoh Panindigan, provided a fun-filled intermission that encouraged teamwork and laughter throughout the venue. To conclude the event, an awarding ceremony honored the dedication of the 2024 TSOK officers, with Reymma receiving special recognition for her invaluable contributions to event coordination and support.

After heartfelt and inspiring closing remarks by Ms. Felicissima Edith Leyesa-Javier, our Public Relations Officer (PRO), the evening concluded with a stunning performance of the finale song, “Awitin Mo at Isasayaw Ko,” by the TSOK officers. The atmosphere was filled with joy and emotion as the song brought the event to a memorable conclusion. Following this, a pictorial session captured the precious and joyous moments, ensuring that our TSOK family will cherish the memories created for years to come.

Final Thoughts

As we pause to think about this historic occasion, TSOK’s impact on countless lives comes to mind. I look forward to TSOK’s bright future and am confident that the TSOK family can reach greater heights than I could ever imagine.

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” 

Psalm 133:1


Here’s to many more years of success and service with TSOK!

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