A Dream Realized

As the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of th" />

TSOK Commemorative Magazine: 9 Powerful Highlights in Its Creation

Discover the effort behind the creation of the TSOK Commemorative Magazine. Celebrate a decade of dedication and success with insights from the editor-in-chief.


A Dream Realized

As the Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of the Teachers Specialists Organization in Kuwait (TSOK), I am pleased to share the remarkable journey and effort that led to the creation of our TSOK Commemorative Magazine. The project to create the TSOK commemorative magazine began in early 2023 to celebrate TSOK’s founding. The turnover of the 2023 TSOK administration under the direction of Ms. Nova Fructouso Mationg to the TSOK 2024 officers and the recently appointed TSOK president, Ms. Maricel Manalo. The turnover’s success, held at McDonald’s Kuwait, kicked off the process of creating the TSOK commemorative magazine. 

Production was delayed due to family issues, emergencies, work, and other priorities. I am genuinely grateful to the editorial team for finding the time and putting in the much-appreciated effort to create this commemorative magazine. I have shown my appreciation by giving them gifts as a token of gratitude. This unique publication marks a significant milestone in TSOK’s history, celebrating a decade of progress, passion, and dedication. The proceeds from the sales will go towards a donation fund to help my fellow TSOK co-founder with health complications.


The Birth of an Idea

The TSOK Commemorative Magazine was created to document and honor the remarkable achievements of our members over the past 12 years. The TSOK prayer and hymn featured in the publication were five years in the making, facing challenges in the composition and arrangement, which turned out to be a great manifestation of the spirit and resolve of TSOK. It captures the essence of our organization’s spirit and growth. The magazine weaves a narrative that reflects our journey and highlights the hard work and dedication of every TSOK member.


The Effort Behind the Scenes

The TSOK Commemorative Magazine results from the hard work of our editorial team and contributors. Creating the magazine costs more than 300 Kuwaiti dinars, covering writing, editing, photo layouts, and proofreading. This cost is small compared to the effort put into ensuring high-quality content. Each article and photograph results from careful work, aiming to showcase TSOK’s officers’ and members’ history, achievements, and hard work.

Editorial Team

During the production of this commemorative magazine, the esteemed Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Gracia Amor, has led a committed and talented editorial team that produces the TSOK Commemorative Magazine. A diverse group of professionals who each bring their skills and perspectives to the commemorative magazine. The editorial team includes:

  • Mr. Honesto Doctolero Jr
  • Ms. Flora Acman
  • Ms. Dahlia Pascual
  • Ms. Katherine Zaldivar
  • Ms. Noa Fructouso Mationg
  • Ms. Nola Rodea Olarte
  • Ms. Rolinda Tecson
  • Mr. Jan Rae Lanante
  • Ms. Maricel Manalo
  • Ms. Reymma Grande
  • Ms. Gladys Valerio De Guzman
  • Ms. Jennifer Masukat
  • Ms. Anna Liza
  • Fe Ablen
  • Mr. Arnel Busmeon
  • Mr. John Rey Calamdag
  • Ms. Winie Blaza
  • Ms. Ronniely Demafeliz

This team has collaborated to ensure the magazine is of the highest quality, showcasing their commitment to excellence in every issue.


Documenting a Decade of Excellence

Reflecting on my 12 years of experience as TSOK’s main biographer, this magazine is more than just a publication; it is a chronicle of our journey. Each page tells a story of resilience, innovation, and community spirit. From the early days of TSOK’s founding to our most recent initiatives, the magazine captures what it means to be part of this remarkable organization.


Highlights of the TSOK Commemorative Magazine

The TSOK Commemorative Magazine is a comprehensive showcase of our members’ professional growth and contributions to the teaching community in Kuwait. It features inspiring stories, insightful interviews, and thought-provoking articles that provide readers with a deep understanding of TSOK’s mission, vision, and values. The magazine is not just a reflection of our past but a beacon for our future, inspiring current and future members to strive for excellence.


Celebrating Resilience and Innovation

Over the past decade, TSOK has faced numerous challenges. However, our resilience and innovative approach have always guided us through. The magazine highlights these triumphs, showcasing the inspiring journeys of our members who have overcome obstacles to achieve their professional goals. Their stories embody TSOK’s commitment to promoting excellence in education and serve as a motivation for all of us.


Community Spirit and Dedication

TSOK’s sense of community is evident in our various projects and initiatives, from COVID-19 response efforts to environmental awareness campaigns like beach clean-ups. The magazine dedicates significant space to these projects, recognizing our members’ collective effort and hard work, who continuously strive for a better future. The TSOK commemorative magazine is an essential testament to the enduring dedication and commitment the TSOK family has demonstrated through their involvement in numerous valuable projects over the years.


A Decade of Achievements

Looking back on the past decade of TSOK’s achievements, I am filled with pride and gratitude. The TSOK Commemorative Magazine is a testament to the power of hard work, passion, and dedication. Every page tells a story of unwavering devotion, inspiring current and future members. It is a celebration of our journey and a reminder of what we can achieve when we come together as a community.


A Labor of Love

The creation of the TSOK Commemorative Magazine was truly a labor of love. Beyond the financial investment, it represents the collective effort, dedication, and passion of everyone involved, especially the editorial team. As we celebrate this milestone, I am reminded of TSOK’s incredible journey, and I look forward to many more years of success and growth.



The TSOK Commemorative Magazine stands as a testament to the dedication and hard work of every individual involved in TSOK, from our esteemed line of TSOK presidents and officers to the cherished members who have contributed to our organization, and, of course, the editorial team that has carefully documented TSOK’s achievements throughout the years. This commemorative magazine is a chronicle of TSOK’s journey and a beacon of inspiration for the future. Here’s to a decade of dedication and many more years of progress and passion.


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