Letter of Gratitude to TSOK Co-founders and Founding Members for Over 12 Years of Unwavering Excellence

Expressing heartfelt gratitude to the founding co-founders of the Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait, celebrating their dedication and achievements for over a decade.


To my Dear Co-Founders and Members of the Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait (2012–2016)

I am writing to express my heartfelt congratulations and deepest gratitude for your remarkable contributions to the Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait during the years 2012–2016. It was an honor and a privilege to stand alongside you as we worked tirelessly to establish and nurture this vital organization.

Your unwavering commitment to the teaching profession, your passion for educational excellence, and your tireless dedication to our shared vision have left an enduring legacy. Your leadership, creativity, and collaboration during those formative years laid the groundwork for the success we continue to witness today.

The initiatives and programs you championed, the workshops and conferences you organized, and the countless hours you volunteered have made an immeasurable impact on the lives of teachers, students, and the broader educational landscape in Kuwait. Your dedication to professional development, mentorship, and advocacy has not only empowered individual educators but has also strengthened the entire teaching community.

As I reflect on our journey together, I am filled with pride and gratitude for the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that were forged during those years. We faced challenges, celebrated successes, and learned valuable lessons together. Our shared experiences have shaped us both personally and professionally, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked alongside such talented and dedicated individuals.

Although our paths may have diverged since those early days, the impact of your contributions continues to resonate throughout our organization and the wider educational community. Your legacy of excellence, service, and dedication to the teaching profession serves as an inspiration to current and future generations of educators.

May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you, guide you, and grant you every success in your future endeavors. I pray that your lives may be filled with joy, fulfillment, and the continued satisfaction of knowing that you have made a lasting difference in the lives of countless individuals.

With love and gratitude,

Gracia Amor (DiaryNiGracia)

Co-Founder, Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait


The Journey of Founding TSOK

As a team, we took on the challenge of establishing the Teachers Specialist Organization in Kuwait (TSOK) from 2012 to 2016. I wish to express my profound pride and gratitude to the co-founders and members of TSOK during its formative years that led to its momentous founding.

During this period, my fellow co-founders and the TSOK founding members, who have supported this organization from the start, were dedicated to creating an organization that would provide unwavering support and empowerment to educators in Kuwait. Looking back on the early days of my journey with TSOK, starting as a PRO for Social Media Affairs and later becoming the main biographer of TSOK, I feel privileged to have collaborated with such an exceptional and inspirational group of individuals, who are the following:

Founding TSOK Officers

  • Mr. Honesto Doctolero (President)
  • Ms. Dahlia S. Pascual (Vice President)
  • Ms. Norhaya Santos Panick (Secretary)
  • Ms. Erlinda Collado (Assistant Secretary)
  • Ms. Flora Acman (Treasurer)
  • Ms. Connie Abrigo (Assistant Treasurer)
  • Mr. Jopeth Bucog (Auditor)
  • Ms. Roselyn Labesores (PRO)
  • Ms. Gracia Amor (PRO Social Media Affairs)

2013-2014 TSOK members

  • Ms. Amelita Tindido 
  • Ms. Nome Baul 
  • Ms. Roselyn Labeseros 
  • Mr. Japeth Bucog 
  • Ms. Elma Garcines 
  • Ms. Connie Abrigo 
  • Ms. Fe Penarubia 
  • Ms. Ravanee Figuees 
  • Ms. Mari P. Dicon 
  • Ms. Tessie Bucog 
  • Ms. Maribel Abrigo 
  • Ms. Roselyn Labesores


Building a Legacy: Pioneering Initiatives and Programs

TSOK’s success is attributed to the unwavering commitment of our co-founders and members. They demonstrated dedication, belief in the teaching profession, and a relentless pursuit of educational excellence. Our core group was not only passionate but also creative and collaborative. Together, we brainstormed initiatives, championed programs, and organized workshops and conferences. Every volunteered hour, every sparked idea, and every implemented program made a significant impact.


Beyond the Programs: Building a Supportive Community

The impact of TSOK went beyond just the programs and initiatives we put in place. As we worked hard towards our shared vision, something special happened: we formed deep friendships and camaraderie. We tackled challenges together, celebrated victories, and learned valuable lessons along the way.

These shared experiences had a big impact on us, both personally and professionally. Working alongside such talented and committed individuals inspired me to be a better leader, a more empathetic colleague, and a stronger advocate for education. It was an honor to be part of a team where support, encouragement, and a shared passion for learning were the foundation of our bond.


A Legacy That Continues to Inspire

As the years go by—even after achieving the decade milestone—the influence of the contributions made by TSOK’s co-founders and members still has a lasting impact. The organization’s tradition of high quality, service, and unwavering commitment to the teaching profession remains a continuous source of motivation for present and future generations of educators.

Their continuous efforts continue to empower individual educators, bring together the teaching community, and shape the educational environment in Kuwait. This demonstrates the strength of working together with passion and a shared objective.


A Parting Message of Gratitude

To my dear co-founders and members, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for your vision, your dedication, and the countless hours you poured into building something truly special. Your legacy continues to inspire, and the positive impact you’ve made on the lives of countless individuals will forever be etched in the fabric of TSOK’s story.

May your journey continue to be filled with success, and may the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a lasting difference continue to bring you joy and fulfillment.


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