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Other Wedding Needs

Tiny but Essential Ones

19 Other Wedding Needs “Tiny but Essential Ones“   Now you are nearing the big day! Your gown was chosen along with the other stuff you need. It’s now the chance to check on smaller items you need. These are smaller in size but not in terms of importance. That’s why we should call them…

Bride’s Beauty Companion

Your Much Needed Beauty Rest and Rejuvenation.

18 Bride’s Beauty Companion “Your Much Needed Beauty Rest and Rejuvenation.“   “You are a beauty! No doubt about it! “ But you would want to look exceptionally beautiful on your wedding day. With months of planning and decision making, it cannot be denied that some brides tend to forget themselves. Just like preparing for…

Choosing A Wedding Gown

Your Most Valued Piece of Clothing

17 Choose A Wedding Gown “Your Most Valued Piece of Clothing”   The time has come for you, the bride, to get your outfit ready! Like everybody else it is your ultimate dream to wear such a gown. Right? Para sa mga bride na tulad mo, selecting a gown is one thing na ayaw mo…

Assign People to Help You Out


16 Assign People To Help You Out “Groom + Bride x SUPPORT = A HAPPY WEDDING DAY”   Do you need additional help? As many admit, planning a wedding requires your attention. Sometimes 24 hours seem to be not enough.  This is particularly true if you don’t hire a planner. It’s acceptable to seek help…

Designing Your Invites

The Best Things in Life are Meant to be Shared

15 Designing Your Invites “The Best Things in Life are Meant to be Shared” -and that includes one’s wedding-   Now, here is among my favorites- designing the invites.  It took me a major u–turn after arranging our seminars and other necessary papers. I was so excited, (not that I am not excited with the…

Creating a Master List

Who Should You Invite?

14 Creating A Master List “Who Should You Invite?”   Indeed, a wedding is a big event. But being labeled as such, it doesn’t mean inviting the whole village. As much as couples want to include everyone, it’s quite impossible for most brides and grooms. Most probably the reason is the budget. There are also…

Schedule Seminars Part 2

Beyond the Physical

13.2 THE PRE-CANA “Beyond the Physical”   Seminars are prerequisites in any wedding. Certificates of attendance are among the documents na kailangan when applying for your wedding licenses. These seminars include Pre-Cana, family planning and responsible parenthood. These pre-marriage counseling are usually done in the church, by the DSWD or in the city health office….

Schedule Seminars Part 1

Canonical Interview

13.1 Schedule Seminars Part 1 “Canonical Interview”   This interview is done to validate the couple’s desire to marry, their idea of marriage and how they will face certain circumstances involving their partner. Also, to determine possible hindrances in the coming wedding. It is also termed as Pre–Nuptial interview. This is an initial inquiry by…

Apply For Wedding Licenses

The Paper Works

12 Apply For Wedding Licenses “The Paper Works“   Wedding Licenses These are legal requirements for getting married. A great portion of your time shall be spent to process this document. Mararamdaman mo na yung feeling na – “Welcome to the world of adults and responsibilities. Although, you admit that you’re of legal age already….

Wedding Fairs

To Attend or Not To Attend?

11 Wedding Fairs “To Attend or Not To Attend?”   With all those things going on for your wedding, the hectic schedule and the abundance of advice, you might feel exhausted already. Yes, nandoon pa din ang excitement. Pero there are times nararamdaman mo na yung feeling na gusto mo stop muna. O kaya naiisip…

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