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Thank You, Sir Ricky Laxa

Sir Ricky Laxa is GMA Network’s Kuwait News Correspondent. A well versed person in media, he delivers and writes news truly unbiased making sure that the important truth is presented clearly. Sir Ricky, thank you very much for all your support even prior to The Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition book launch…

Hopeful Project: Free Books about Blogging

I am an OFW blogger here in Kuwait and whatever life throws at me, I hold on to my Faith, work hard for my family, try to grow as an individual and within the Filipino community as well.

A Star in her own right

She is a blogger, corporate lady, musically-inclined person, representative of Filipinos in Kuwait at international singing competition, product endorser, a friend. 

Ms. Vanny’s Act of Kindness

“Since God chose you to be the holy people he loves, you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” — Colossians 3:12  Is it because she was a teacher back in the Philippines that she is able to touch lives positively? Or is it because she is innately with good nature and…

Thank you, Ms. Caba

One of the nicest people at the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait is Ms. Antonia Girlie Caba. A dedicated woman who effortlessly manages her time between work and family. She is one person who is selfless as she performs her duties and responsibilities well and when you seek for her assistance, she will extend it naturally…

AIM Global BCO Kuwait, helping others to succeed

Alliance in Motion AIM Global BCO Kuwait is indeed a business venture not only for people with huge investment / capital but for new micro businessmen and businesswomen as well. It has a strong presence here in Kuwait and many have put their trust in the establishment and its officials and staff. Different health and…

A lot more to learn from Sir

Kuwait has given me different learning experiences from diverse people and all of those help me grow each day. Patience, hard work and determination were among the important factors that made The Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition possible.

Your Sincerity brings me Happiness

Ms. Dora I know that managing an office is not an easy task and you are always busy that’s why I appreciate very much your presence during the book launch and signing of The Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition last August 21.

The CEO inspires us to do better things

Madam Rosita is the CEO of Alliance in Motion AIM Global Kuwait, entrepreneur, OFW Financial and Health Advocate. Her family oriented values has become more natural in her involvement with fellow Filipinos and other expatriates. She is the President and Co- Founder of Ilokana Women’s Organization in Kuwait (IWOK).

A Woman for the Community

Madam Mariam is one of the many Filipino women who calls Kuwait their second home. She was able to combine Filipinos traits of compassion, family centered and diligence into the new culture that she has embraced with warmth.

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