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What stock market traders in long term need to know about real estate or REITs right now 2023

Real estate stock and REITs right now in 2023

The stock market has long been a popular choice for investors to place their money. While buying stocks is a well-known form of investing, not everyone is aware that doing so also counts as an investment. Real estate has lower risk, higher returns, and greater diversification than stocks, making it a viable alternative in the…

Executives bullish on Philippine REIT market

Executives bullish on Philippine REIT market   It is an “exciting time” for the Philippine real estate investment trust (REIT) market, with the pipeline of initial public offerings (IPO) expected to heat up in the near future, according to top company executives. At a forum hosted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday, REIT executives said the Philippines has the potential to have…

5 Key Insights on Stock Market and REITS this 2021


“Our quality of life depends on the choices that we make every day.” -Anonymous- Investing in Stock Market and REITs are too overwhelming. With so much information to learn about Stock Market and REITS, sometimes we felt discouraged to push through on our investing journey. Now that REITs are still young, many finance professionals will…

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