Money2Anywhere keeps up with busy expats

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Before my unplanned visit to my home country, the Philippines, I had the chance to avail of UAE Exchange Kuwait’s Money2Anywhere service. I did not want to bring with me money I was to send to my family so I decided to use Money2Anywhere.

The UAE Exchange is already an established money transfer company and having a program tailor made for their busy clientele in many parts of the world, strengthens its reliability and efficiency.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) living and working in the State of Kuwait, I keep a rather busy daily schedule and personally going to remittance and money transfer centers takes much of my time.  But with Money2Anywhere, I can make online transactions with reasonable exchange rates, right on my laptop or mobile.

I do not have to worry about delays and I am assured that my family will get what they need even before I arrive in the Philippines.

Money2Anywhere is also available in countries like Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Kuwait, New Zealand, United States and United Kingdom.





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One thought on “Money2Anywhere keeps up with busy expats

  1. Joshua says:

    To be able to send currency to help your family is always a good thing. I admire OFWs that take the time t send money no matter how busy they are.

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