December 7, 2012, it was still quite early in the morning when I started sending text messages to my dear Nanay asking her if she was ready to go to Manila to meet  “me” , the person whom her daughter has requested to send something for her. I sent a number of messages but there was not even a single reply. I tried making a missed call to her mobile number but all I got was an automated voice saying that the number I was trying to call is currently unavailable. I was beginning to worry. Then I sent a text message to an older friend asking what might be the problem why I can’t seem to get through Nanay’s mobile.[hr] Sorpresa

Yun pala mali ng one digit ang number na ginagamit ko to call Nanay..jet lag, I think…o masyado din lang akong excited talaga. 

Finally, Nanay replied to my texts saying that she is on her way to the mall to meet “me”, the person she thought whom her daughter has made pakisuyo. Little did she know that I was the one she would actual meet! (wink).

I will never forget the spot at the mall, where Nanay and I first met each other again, after many years since I left for Kuwait…just outside of the mega trade hall 3.  She was definitely surprised to see me right in front of her very eyes!

“Ikaw talaga! Kamusta ka na?” Were the initial words she uttered and I could see the happiness in her eyes.  I also could not explain how I felt that time.

Before going on our way to the Awards ceremony, we talked but mostly savored the moment of us being together after many years. Since I was in grade school, Nanay was already familiar to sharing my recognition and medals. But that day was quite different because I would be receiving an award as an OFW, an expatriate, a professional woman and Nanay was my special guest. She was there to witness it all aside from the Managing Director of the agency who employed me to Kuwait.

After the event, we had merienda cena  and started catching up the lost years between the two of us. She expressed her thoughts to me and I know that if she would have it her way, she would be happier to see me settling down with a family of my own and continue living overseas. Of course ‘di mawawala sa isang ina ang mag tanong about love life of their children, “ano pa nga ba daw hinihintay ko” what am I waiting for? My reply was that there will be always be the right time for everything and anything, like the two awards I will  receive.

My unplanned homecoming is my gift for Nanay this coming Christmas but I still wanted to buy her something, anything that her heart desires. She chose an item and was very happy when I bought it for her. I knew in her heart that she is happy to see that I am alright, how the years have been kind to me. I almost felt her happiness and love at that time.

Nanay has aged already but she will always be the person whom I will take care of, for as long as I can. She is the person whom I owe my life to, next to God and whatever achievements I have at this very moment, I owe so much to her.




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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor

19 thoughts on “Sorpresa..

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    Ganessa says:

    Good conversation with your mother… and it reminded me of how much I love my Mom. I am thankful that she’s always with me 🙂

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      admin says:

      Thanks. I think all mothers are very, very special.

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      admin says:

      I think you may give your Mom a call or find time to do video call. You may send her a text message too. She may miss you as well. Thanks.

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      admin says:

      I think we all have a special bond with our mothers. Thank you.

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      admin says:

      Thank you very much.

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    Joshua Berida says:

    It must’ve felt good to get in touch and see your nanay face to face. It is of utmost importance to keep the important people in our life around us.

  3. Avatar
    R.O.M.E.L.O. says:

    that’s a very nice gift to your mother… just one question, OFW and Expat… are they the same? anyway, I guess I’ll just google the answer… thanks…

  4. Avatar
    Jerome Ibuyan says:

    Sweet! I’m also close to my mom. Great short story.
    I read your post, word by word, you’re a good writer with the touch of being a Pinay.
    My brother is also working in Kuwait, maybe you know him.

  5. Avatar
    Khakiness says:

    Bongga ang surprise mo: personal appearance plus may award pa! I’m sure your mom is very very happy to see you after all those years. Congratulations on your award. =)

  6. Avatar
    jsncruz says:

    I can easily relate with this post, seeing as my parents are OFWs 🙂 It would be nice to surprise them and share that moment of pleasant surprise, but right now, we are all having our own fun in our respective locations 🙂

  7. Avatar
    Dems says:

    Wow! I can’t imagine how happy your nanay is to see you in person after all those years. That is the best Christmas gift ever! ♥

  8. Avatar
    special education philippines says:

    I was able to read a poem today of a lady who wrote a dedication to her mom out of gratitude. While you chose to tell a story about your mom. I guess that’s also one of the things I like about New Year is that we are reminded of the things we should be thankful of and most of the time its our loved ones that we treasure the most.

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