My MRT ride..

Living in Kuwait for the past several years made me get used to its transport system and wide roads. Shuttling from one place to another comes like a breeze because the bus is not crowded at all and upon looking at the window, the open spaces refresh my tired eyes which is unlike the MRT.

Coming home to the Philippines and staying in the city most of the time, was a totally different experience for me.  Traffic jams everywhere, I felt congested deep inside plus the fact that more and more people were walking the city streets in short shorts! Parang ako lang yun naka jeans.

I stayed with a good friend from college, whose apartment is in Mandaluyong and with easy access to MRT Ortigas Station. Each time I went out to attend an event or just go about my schedule, the MRT was my mode of transportation to get to my destination and return back to my friend’s place at the end of the day.

Sometimes, I would be lucky enough to be able to take a seat at the MRT; but there were also times when it was too crowded. In fact, I experienced being pushed and pushed just so this person will be able to find her place next to me. One time, I heard someone screaming and saying, “Huwag ninyo po akong itulak.”

Nevertheless, I found it amusing to ride the MRT and I am still thankful that it helped me get from one place to another. “Wala pong tulakan.


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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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