Please be aware of these Scams !

Every now and then, we cannot discount the possibility of receiving scam mails online. We need to be vigilant about these and as much as possible, educate our loved ones and friends, not to easily believe in the following e mail contents.

Good day, My friend, 

Hello, can we talk?
I know this letter will definitely come to you as a huge surprise, but I implore you to take the time to go through it carefully as the decision you make will go off a long way to determine my future and continued existence. Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Sgt. Christopher Mayes, a US Marine Sgt. Serving in the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment that Patrols the Anbar province, Iraq.

I am desperately in need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you. I am presently in Iraq and I found your contact particulars in an address journal. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of Five Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars ($5,500.000 USD) to the States or any safe country, as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is no stolen money and there are no dangers involved.

Hello Pretty,

How are you? Hope you are doing good and how was your day today? My name is Engineer Frank Kenneth and I live London United Kingdom. I am a single dad and I have being praying for a new love to come by.

Am telling you all this because I am open minded and I am not getting any younger. My dream is to have a good family and I know am pursuing (he mentioned my online name) because I believe in miracles and God is up there watching over us.

Your profile struck my eyes and went straight to my heart. You really look like someone who is easy to get along with, just like in my dreams and I want to be open minded even if this is just my first letter to you. I am not hiding in the shadows.

I love vacation, outing with family, beach walk, as well as shopping. I love a lady who enjoys spending time with her family and wants to share travel, passion, fine food, intellectual
conversation, with a good bottle of red wine as well as sitting in front of the fireplace and growing old together.

My wish here is to get involve in a serious relationship, or wish to meet a lady who intends to get married. Apart from my work I am also a very loving and caring person and I can give to you the best of love you could fee. I guess my letter is getting boring to you just email me if you want. I will keep my desire for my next letter.

Await your email and response as soon as u can, Take care of yourself.


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Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor
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