Congratulations to Evaristus P. Reyes!

PINDOT has a new President, Mr. Evaristus Pantaleon Reyes.
PINDOT has a new President, Mr. Evaristus Pantaleon Reyes.

The Pinoy Digital Photographers in Kuwait, most commonly known as PINDOT has elected their new president in the person of Mr. Evaristus P. Reyes. I have known him for quite some time now and we have been able to reciprocate each other’s support for different projects. I am a witness to say that he is a man of integrity and compassion; qualities that are very necessary for a leader of every organization. I am certain that he has the capabilities to move PINDOT towards a better pathway in order to inspire more and more photography enthusiasts to hone their craft while simultaneously giving back to the Filipino community here in Kuwait.

“Mabuhay Ka, kabayan!”

(Photo credit to Mr. Evaristus P. Reyes, FB page)





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