Launching of Filinvestor Ako Kuwait

Filinvestor Ako Kuwait Launching
Filinvestor Ako Kuwait Launching

March 8th, Filinvest, one of the Philippines premier real estate and property development companies, launched its Filinvestor Ako program for Overseas FIlipino Workers (OFWs) here in the State of Kuwait. 

This is in line with the Filinvest International No Boundaries where Filipinos working and living overseas can choose from different packages to make their ownership of houses and properties come into realization. As OFWs, investments are also considered treasures of how hard we have worked for our families back home in the Philippines. Most, if  not all OFWs dream of having their own homes and properties they regard as investments.

Aside from the monthly remittances we send home to our families, we also think of ways and means to make our earnings expand and thrive more. We hope to secure our future and that of our families’.

“Mga kabayan, minsan po hindi kailangan na malaking halaga upang makapag-ipon. Maari po tayong mag umpisa sa maliit na halaga lamang at kaya po natin itong dagdagan sa tulong ng Poong Maykapal at ng ating sariling pagsisikap at kasipagan.

Salu - salo during the Filinvestor Ako Kuwait launching.
Salu – salo during the Filinvestor Ako Kuwait launching.



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