PAWS Kuwait’s Call for Help



It is rather unfortunate when an organization which is known for its humanitarian and sensitivity to the welfare of living creatures, experiences the dilemma of being evicted from the place where its office is presently located. This is exactly the problem of PAWS (Protecting Animals Welfare Society) Kuwait during this time.

Since PAWS Kuwait started operations in 2005, there have been some very generous Kuwaiti nationals who supported the organization for a number of years. However, due to some matters beyond their control, these kind-hearted donors could no longer carry on their assistance to PAWS.

Due to the circumstances, PAWS Kuwait needs our help, our donations so they could continue with their work of rescuing and taking care of abandoned animals here in the State of Kuwait. Those who wish to donate and help can send an e mail to the following address; A personal call to Manu Tague, the chair person at 99064229 will also be highly appreciated.

Any donation can be made on their website through pay pal.  All donations are listed transparently on their website and will be used for the shelter needs only.

As their slogan says, “I believe…that heroes are the people who do what has to be done, when it needs to be done, regardless of the consequences.

“Thank you so much in advance.”




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    Sahar chane awad says:

    I came to know that there is a liter of 4 puppies and the mom,i went to see them gave them food but they need a shelter and i have a house full of dogs i cannot foster them kindly help if u can i am ready to donate money they need a safe place they are in the university site andir is full of cars etc…. My tel is 66669292

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