An OFW-Priest’s event

Father Ben, OFW Priest for OFWs during his anniversary.
Father Ben, OFW Priest for OFWs during his anniversary.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) here in the State of Kuwait, I try to renew my spirituality in different ways. Finding time to attend church services is the most common, even if I keep a busy schedule. When I get invited to outreach programs, events, I try to participate as much as I can.

I do not only do this just to have something to write about and share with my diary readers, but I want to be in a particular occasion so I may be a witness to the happiness of other people. Earlier this month, Father Ben celebrated his ninth year in the priesthood and as an OFW priest for OFWs, he has become one of the closest people in each kabayan’s heart.


Father Ben and his guests.
Father Ben and his guests.

“Thank you po Father Ben for the invitation to join you and your other guests in one of the most important days of your life. Please continue to be the Lord’s shepherd so you may guide His flock here in Kuwait.”



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