Make Over din pag may time..

Busy as I am, I decided to reward myself with a "make over"..
Busy as I am, I decided to reward myself with a “make over”..

The past months have really been quite tiring and trying for me and I feel that today, I deserve a “break”. In Salmiya, there is a beauty salon called Rawan Salon, owned and managed by Madame Rawan, another kabayan. Its clientele are a mix of fellow kabayans and other foreign expats.The salon’s ambiance is relaxing plus Madame and salon,s staffs are friendly in nature.. and that’s an added plus points for my happy feeling 🙂

With Madame Rawan
With Madame Rawan

I believe that no matter how busy we can get, how hard life’s trials are, how disheartening some people around can be, still, we must not neglect our physical appearance. Good grooming is not only for women with model-like figure or with a very pretty face. It is a natural rule to always keep ourselves look presentable, any time, any where.

My new look :)
My new look 🙂




Peace and love to you.

Gracia Amor