Unity Photo Shoot by Four

To mark the end of Eid, four Filipino photography gimages (3)roups collaborated together and came up with a “unity photo shoot” at the Green Island along Gulf Road.
  The Pinoy Digital Photographers in Kuwait (PINDOT) President Antony Osea along with Lightbenders Photography Group led by President Ramil Sunga, Maniniyot Kuwait (MK) President Dennis Lacmodin and Pinoy Snappers President Thoots Puning Sauradjan, congregated their respective members for the photo shoot.

PINDOT was founded in April 2008 and is composed of professionals and skilled Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Lightbenders Photography Group was launched in 2011 by some former PINDOT members. Maniniyot Kuwait and Pinoy Snappers were recently formed by fellow Filipinos. Artistry, creativity, and passion for photography, regardless of profession, are the most important reasons why these four groups were formed.

Like true professional models, all the ladies gamely posed for the cameras despite the heat of summer. While the Filipino photographers eagerly snapped pictures with their cameras, the president of each group was beaming with pride for the success of the first unity photo shoot.

To describe what they said, they all share the same passion in photography and coming together strengthened their friendship and can learn from one another so they can become better photographers.





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