Choose your College major wisely

Choosing a college major can be quite stressful because it is said to determine your future.
Choosing a college major can be quite stressful because it is said to determine your future.

Senior high school students whose parents are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWS) are like any other teenagers; they are both excited and anxious to get into college.

Here are some advices that may help you choose your college major wisely;


  1. Not all of your Overseas Filipino Workers parents have the same job, capacity and salary. It is best that you consider your family situation and family budget.
  2. Look at the things that interest you the most. There must be something that you love to do and from there, you can choose what course you want to study.
  3. Research about the college major that interest you, what are the possible classes you will take up, what kind of career opportunity awaits you.
  4. You can also talk to current students of the college major you plan to study. In this way, you can have firsthand information about the major, what it’s like to study it, the difficulties as well as the perks that go with it.
  5. Seek professional advice from your high school Guidance Counselor. He or she will definitely have much more to say for you to think about and assess.
  6. Do not feel pressured about college or how to deal with it. Just be yourself and think wisely.

Following these advices will help to make sure you are not shifting majors and waste money that your Overseas Filipino Workers parents diligently work hard for.





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