Woes of an OFW single or with family


I have been an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) here in Kuwait for quite some time already and my obligation to my family back home in the Philippines never stops. I am single, yet I sometimes find it difficult to meet my family’s needs, truthfully. What more for those who have their families here in Kuwait?

Many of my Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) friends were able to secure visas for their wife and children. Some of their kids were born here in Kuwait. At first, they tell me their life seems to be a blast of good and happy things. They can dine to the best restaurants, go shopping and spend time with their families. However in recent years, their stories have changed.

After their second child was born and their eldest starts going to international school (which is the most option for expatriate families) they soon find themselves facing financial difficulties. Residence permit for a newborn child is KD 200, increasing fees of private schools and other everyday expenses. Many work 12 hours per day in order to earn more and support their families’ needs.

If only there will be increase in salary for those employed mostly in the private sector, and the issues of expatriates be addressed, there may be less difficulty. If only our families back home will try to understand that life of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) is not easy. If only they know that being an OFW means hard work, patience, determination and the will to battle homesickness, only then, can our trials be lessened.





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